Top 25k on The DJ List

Lysa Oldhams

Hollywood, United States

Progressive House


“Lysa is one of the hardest working djs in the business.” – Paul Oakenfold

Lysa started DJing after a long love affair with clubbing, being exposed to great American DJ’s from Los Angeles (Taylor, Sandra Collins) all the way to Orlando (Jimmy Van M, Dave Canalte, Andy Hughes) to places such as Phoenix (Markus Shulz and CL McSpadden) and everywhere in between. This has given Lysa a wide variety of places to draw inspiration for learning her craft.

After a year of playing for friends Lysa graduated to playing a small club in Florida. It wasn’t long after that she moved to England to be with Guy Oldhams in 1995. By ‘96 she and Guy had secured a residency at a new multi million pound venue in Bolton called The Temple. Lysa also began working in an A&R capacity for Sperm Records and Platipus Records, helping to sign ’Universal State of Mind’ and ‘Libra presents Taylor’.

To further her evolution as an artist, Lysa jumped at the chance to remix Florida based artists Insight and immediately loved being in the studio. Using the pseudonym MANA, Lysa has gone on to remix X Cabs and Paul Van Dyk among others.

It was after the X Cabs remix that Fluid Recordings UK invited Lysa to record her first original track as MANA, ‘Psionic’. ‘Psionic’ was a big record for all the progressive movers and shakers, including Sasha, who borrowed it for his Global Underground compilation ‘San Francisco’. Lysa has done a remix of this top tune in 2002 as well as Pako & Frederik. Out only on exclusive cd the release of this monster is going to be re-released via Sunkissed Records in the USA.

Lysa was also in the studio in October of 2000 with CL McSpadden. Originally they worked on a remix for Hook Recordings. Canyon’s “Agitator” was out in March 2001 and was massive as big leaguers John Digweed, Danny Howells and Steve Lawler have all given huge support to it. Lysa and CL have also recorded a few more original tracks and the first one from them is called “Queller” was released Feb 2002. They have completed an EP and are waiting for the market to bounce back before releasing it. Lysa and CL have remixed Fluke’s “hang tough” track – as they are mentors to Lysa doing this is an honor and a great achievement for her..

Among the many dj’s she counts as friends as well as mentors, Lysa has also played beside some of the world’s best dj’s, including Nick Warren, Steve Lawler, Lee Burridge, John ‘Quivver’ Graham, Parks & Wilson, Rabbit in the Moon, The Crystal Method, Sandra Collins, Three, Christopher Lawrence, Deep Dish, Evolution…the list goes on! Lysa, before moving to LA, most recently held a residency at Generation X in Manchester England, a monthly called ‘Female of the Species’. She has dj’d all over : England, Ibiza – Spain, Germany, and as far as Finland and the interior of Canada as well as all over the US. She has also got new night in the works, to also be done Los Angeles.