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Gronau, Germany

Electro House

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Working hard, believing in your music, delivering consistently – these are the ethics that Lyonbrotherz live by. And, that is why they can proudly proclaim that “Music Is Our Magic”.

Cousins by blood, brothers in music, Lyonbrotherz are an electronic dance music (EDM) duo setting Germany alight with their passion for music and producing top tracks.

Daniel and Keven Lyon have emerged from modest home lives in the heart of their country to set up their own label – I-35 Music – and craft Hip Hop and EDM tunes that sees them on the verge of a breakout onto the international stage.

With ‘Le Luc’ released this year, the pair has more tunes and projects waiting in the wings to be unleashed in 2017.

It was the desire to be their own masters that saw Lyonbrotherz emerge… When they first started their career tentatively writing their own rap and hip hop lyrics over other musicians’ beats they discovered that they didn’t match their own vision.

From that point on Daniel and Keven knew they had to carve out their own path, writing and producing their own beats. Such has been the success of the team in production that already other EDM and Hip Hop artists from across the globe are beating down the doors to get a taste of the Lyonbrotherz magic on their tracks.

Drawing influences from the likes of KSHMR, Blasterjaxx, Avicii, Diplo and Kanye West the musical duo absorb what they hear and interpret these with their own vibe and rhythms.

The genesis of Lyonbrotherz came when Daniel was on one of the largest electronic music festival stages and came back enthused and energized. One conversation with Keven later and the duo were in business.

Now with DJ duties, EDM and Hip Hop producing, and supporting others they are already looking to exploit every opportunity. After appearing in music videos they are contemplating future work acting.

Early formative experiences meant that they knew nothing came for free; nothing can be achieved without hard work – an attitude, combined with their ability, that will see them scale the heights.

You could say that what they have done is create their own genre within EDM – “O’n’B”, Oversea and Boom. And, one experience of Lyonbrotherz and you’ll feel the boom.

Never giving up and never relenting they really epitomize their motto “Music Is Our Magic”

One production has been picked up by an international fashion brand but it hasn’t always been an easy path. In their own words it is hard to stay focused and “work hard when all of our friends are out partying”.

That and familial issues saw them take a brief break from behind the production desk and decks. But Daniel and Keven are closer than ever. Now they are back brimming with energy, belief and determination. Stand back EDM fans, because Lyonbrotherz are about to storm your senses!