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Los Angeles, United States

Electro House, Hard Dance

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DJ LYNNWOOD thrives in the cutthroat race known as the entertainment industry, fueled by a fixation on music that has translated into a successful career as a touring DJ, remixer, producer, radio talent and artist. “My roots in this business stem from an A.D.D.-like driving, obsessive, maniacal passion,” says LYNNWOOD.

LYNNWOOD draws from a dangerous palette and has an astute business mind. It’s an in-demand amalgam that has earned him cult status among an eclectic array of artists including LINKIN PARK, BRANDON FLOWERS, PAUL OAKENFOLD, ALANIS MORISSETTE and theSILVERSUN PICKUPS.

“Wherever LYNNWOOD plays, he’s going to bang it.” ~Chicago house music legend, BAD BOY BILL

Behind the decks, DJ LYNNWOOD winds crowds from Toronto to Taipei into a fever-pitch, keeping himself busy performing over 150 gigs-per-year. He was hailed by the UK’s MixMag as being, “The first west coast house DJ to win the affection of Chicago’s finest,” ironically illustrating how LYNNWOOD’S reputation has transcended such categorizations.

Said LYNNWOOD, “I want you to feel the music, bob your head, dance to it. If it turns you on, pumps you up, makes you happy, I did my job. If you talk about it tomorrow, I rocked the house.”

LYNNWOOD’s latest studio efforts include his remixes of LINKIN PARK’s “Waiting For The End”, THE DIRTY HEADS “Stand Tall”, ERIKA JAYNE’s “One Hot Pleasure”, KIMBERLY COLE’s “Smack You” and more.