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Drum & Bass


I am a musician! This is what Lycox thought one fine day when he stood in the garden playing air guitar with a stick he had found there. As Lycox descended from a family of musicians, he was given a real guitar for his 4th birthday and just one year later he started a theoretical music instruction. As a result he continued with learning and playing the concert guitar. Therefore he laid the foundations of his career.

Later on in elementary school Lycox had got a jungle-mixtape from a classmate. Downright fascinated, he started trying to produce own pieces with simple tracker programs. Under the name of ?Visage? Lycox became well-known in the Berlin tracker scene at that time.

After going through a short, rebellious Punk-Rock stage, Lycox quickly returned to electronic music when he first came in contact with Drum..n..Bass music in the middle of the 90s. In quick succession he got some turntables and cd-players and started mixing. Quite often Lycox went to parties in the former TRESOR club in Berlin that was pretty famed for wicked techno-parties at that time. And exactly the sound of Detroit is what he liked most and what clearly left its mark on him.

Since then you could always discover something in his record case when you were looking for the rough shit.

But things never turn out the way you expect. That is why he was forced to have a 3-year-break because of an apprenticeship. When he was finished with that he decided to go back to the roots because techno music had lost its appeal in the course of time. From now on Drum..n..Bass and breakbeats decided what was going on in his life.

Since then Lycox stands for Neurofunk and liquid sounds and vibes?