Lusty Beatport


Since his return to hardhouse in 2006 Lusty has become a name well known in hardhouse. With regular sets at Storm, Xstatic, B2T and Raindance events he has shown he can perform to a range of crowds.

Whether its his groovier warpy basslines, straight through to the harder sounds of filth, his mixing and technical ability continues to shine.

With releases on Toolbox, Encore Hard, and his own labels Breed Digital, Digital Disko and Funky Disko he has proved his worth as a producer with his tracks being played by djs up and down the country. His track “On my Own” has been played by Radio 1’s Kutski, 3 times on his show, showing that one of the worlds biggest djs is also a fan.

Aswell as playing for some of the countries best events he also c0-owns and runs Blessed which has been running since 2006 and is still going strong pulling in top draw names such as Andy Farley, JP + Jukesy, Rodi Style, Jimmy Dean etc.

His skills dont stop with hardhouse either, Electro, Fidget, Old Skool Hardcore again showing his versatility behind the decks.

With NYE and NYD bookings, 2010 already looks bright for Lusty.

Out Now

Lusty & Hyperstate – Field of Dreams (Encore)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Arizona [Encore]

Lusty & Hyperstate – Equinox [Encore]

Lusty & Hilz’E – Important Sound (Toolbox)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Funky Junky [Nu-Skool Recordings]

Lusty & Hyperstate – Baby Baby (Encore)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Pure Emotions [Nu-Skool Recordings]

Lusty & Hyperstate – Dreamscape [Funky Disko]

Lusty & Hyperstate – Sunbreeze [Nu-Skool Recordings]

Lusty & Hyperstate – Pump This Style (Digital Disko)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Let’s Do It (Digital Disko)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Make Ya Move [Digital Disko]

Lusty & Hyperstate – Wanna Get Funky (Digital Disko)

Lusty – On my Own [Encore Hard]

Lusty & Hyperstate – Oldskool Rhythm [Funky Disko v2]

Lusty & Hyperstate – Miracles [Encore Hard]

Lusty & Bonzo – Kick The Hi-Hats [Funky Disko v1]

Lusty & Bonzo – Kick The Hi-Hats (Louis Fernio Remix) [Funky Disko v1]

Digital Kid & Lusty – On The Record [Encore Hard]

Lusty & Bonzo – Feel Good [Breed Digital]

Lusty & Bonzo – Feel Good (Curve Pusher Remix) [Funky Disko]

Lusty – Pull The Plug [Encore Hard]

Scott Fo-Shaw & Lusty – Take You Back [Breed Digital]

Lusty & Gazz Hunt – Get My Kicks [Presence Summit]

Lusty & Hilz’E – Bassline Kickin’ 2008 Remix [Presence Summit]

Digital Kid & Lusty – Goin’ On [12" Thumpers]

Digital Kid & Lusty – Back 2 The Future [Deprived of Funk Vinyl 12"]

Digital Kid & Lusty – Charly [Obsession Records]

Scott Fo-Shaw & Lusty – Bassline Kickin’ [GRH Recordings]

Scott Fo-Shaw & Lusty – Hole in The Speaker [GRH Recordings]

Lusty – Warped Child [Breed Digital]

Lusty – Shut The Fuck Up [Breed Digital]

Andy Rise & Lusty – Get Warped [Breed Digital]

Andy Rise & Lusty – Get Warped (HiFreak1c Remix) [Breed Digital]

Andy Rise & Lusty – Get Warped (Bonzo Remix) [Breed Digital]

Andy Rise & Lusty – Jungle Funkle [Breed Digital]

Kernzy & Klemenza v Lusty – Breed [Submatic Records]

Kernzy & Klemenza v Lusty – ReVamped [Submatic Records]

Lusty & P4n1X – Funky Munky [Nasty Digital – Lusty EP]

Lusty – Phrozen Phunk [Nasty Digital – Lusty EP]


Lusty & Hilz’E – Ready? (Toolbox)

Lusty & P4n1X – Satellite (Diablo Traxx)

Lusty & P4n1X – Satellite (Adrenalin Dept. Remix) (Diablo Traxx)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Spread Your Wings (Presence)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Heaven (Diablo Traxx)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Heaven (Dizmark Remix) (Diablo Traxx)

Lusty & Hyperstate – Music in Me (Presence)

Lusty – Fuck This Bitch [Encore ~ Out Soon]

Scott Fo-Shaw & Lusty – Bits & Pieces [Cheeky Bastards Remix]

Lusty – Blessed [Brand Anthem]


MC Lust – Bassline Kickin’ [Happy Trax 1997]

MC Lust – Golden Sun [Happy Trax 1997]

MC Lust – Happy Clappers [Happy Trax 1997]

Lusty & Neil Bad-Boy – VIP Dubplate [DJSS Comp]

Lusty & Neil Bad-Boy – OldSkool Mash [DnB Dubplate]

Lusty & Neil Bad-Boy with MC Bassman – Bass 2 Dark [DnB Dubplate]


Bananas [Happy Trax 1998]

Best of Happycore [Rumour Records 1998]

Tidy TWX – Back to The Future 2007