Top 25k on The DJ List


Melbourne, Australia

Hardcore / Hard Techno, House


Lupco began DJing at the age of 16 his first professional gigs were under-ages with Grumpy Promotions at events such as: Lush @ QBH, Winter Wonderland @ Docklands, and Sugar @ Club Genesis. From here he then began playing at Time @ Metro and DeLicious @ Metro.

As Lupco continued to play at such events he began moving into the overage scene DJing for Maso every month as a resident dj. Events for this were held at many venues including QBH, Metro, Sirens, Locker Room, Evolution, Silvers, RMH & Lotus Bar just to name a few. In August 2003 Lupco was granted residency at Champagne Lounge on both Fridays and Saturdays after a he played several first-class sets as a replacement to another DJ. He was apart of the crew there right through till November 2004 when new management decided to take the venue into another direction and changed all staff from then on. From here Lupco progressed into 2005 with more underage sets Eternity @ laundry, Charisma @ Dance studio in which he was the main dj for this event, and Project Class Dismissed @ Area 61. Lupco he then re-entered the overage scene spinning at Privileged Saturdays @ Club 169 & was also a occasional replacement at Lotus Bar.

Towards the end of 2005 he was granted a residency for Babylon @ RMH which had over 1000 people walk through the doors each Saturday night while it was happening. He was then given a spot doing friday nights at Hugo Lounge and eventually changed over to saturday nights in Feb 2006. Sunday nights at Chasers came along from May that year where he was doing the late set to keep the crowd there. July he was changed back over to friday nights at Hugo Lounge which lasted till the end of the year. In august he was also given an opportunity to play for Amnesia @ Brown Alley which turned out to be a success and was given spots at all of the following Amnesia’s at Inflation untill the end of the year. Other worthwhile mentions include both Charisma & Launch underages @ HiFi Bar and Schoolz out underage @ Melbourne town hall which had over 3000 people.

In 2007 he started off with a residency at Vatican on saturday nights from January right through till march where he was given a residency every saturday night at Viper Room which he still holds till today. He also played at Lush Underage Music Festivals @ The Docks & Melbourne Showgrounds which had on average 6000 people at each aswell as Curious underage @ Telstra Dome which was spread over both clubs and a sell out event. A residency at Enigma @ Heist came towards the end of 2007 aswell as another one off event by Amnesia @ Area 61.

In January 2008 he got given a spot interstate to play one of the main sets in the mainroom at Curious underage @ HQ Adelaide which attracted about 1500 people. He continued his residency at Viper Room every saturday night and also started doing Amnesia every friday at Heist up untill it closed down and will continue to play for Amnesia at the new venue which will be announced shortly. He played a primetime spot at Curious @ HQ Adelaide again in April which was a sellout and attracted 3000 people and will be back in Adelaide for a big underage music festival with an even bigger crowd later in the year.

Lupco is one of the few versatile dj’s in the scene, he caters for many styles of music including house, electro, progressive, trance & hardstyle. At the age of 25 Lupco will be playing at a lot more places shortly so be on the lookout.