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Genres: Progressive House / Dirty Electro / Trance / Dubstep / Drum n Bass

Founder and Label Manager of “Bulldozer Audio Construction”

Labels: Bulldozer Audio Construction, Ear Dream Music, Acid Reiki.

DJ Set & Live

Fine textures are noted in detail by listening to well-planned set from Lupax. Delineated sounds, almost visible, where are blended the intention of a fun beat, with backgrounds that take us to unexpected epic stories full of great energy. Sometimes we believe that their tracks are moments of sci-fi climax movies, for seconds later, experience those harmonics involve us in well-defined electronic bursts making it clear that it is a very fine sound. Lupax considers himself a lover of the newest and greatest technology devices to create music and live acts, those who know his background, know that these devices love him, since he knows perfectly how to use them all together without using the “deck bloffing” just pushing the creativity that radiates from him to be useful with these tools. His label “Bulldozer Audio Construction” is the product of many years of learning and self-exploration, at this time, he remarked their tendencies to house, through the wet and hard, electro and dubstep experimenting with a lot of musical styles. There have been many artists who have had the opportunity to share the stage with Lupax, emphasizing emotional and mystical sound in their productions. Some cities in which he has participated are Xalapa, Veracruz, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico City, Tijuana, BC, etc., in recent years as well as at festivals such as BocaFest in Boca del Rio, Veracruz.

His musical influences come from Vangelis, Droids, Kraftwerk, Klang, to Daft Punk.

Lupax practices Scratching and Beat Juggling to stay creative and occasionally applying more energy in his sets.

“Exploration is the hallmark of Lupax in the scene.”