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Lula Circus

Rome, Italy

Tech House

Acker Records, Agora Audio, Back And Forth
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Lula Circus is a “house oriented” electronic music project started in October 2008 by two Italian producers. The anonymous nature of its concept wants to put the focus entirely on the sound (crisp, brilliant, hybrid, with house influences and cool grove) by keeping the real identity of the two producers a secret. A bet, a game, just like in a Lynch circus where captivating music drags into far-away trips.

In April 2009 their first split 12” release “Charlotte Boulevard” with French dOP and a remix by D’Julz for the french label CHILDREN OF TOMORROW. In August 2009 their first vinyl for the well-renowed German label RESOPAL SCHALLWARE (“Circus Part1”). The growing interest in the German market leads in the next months to the release of other three vinyls (“Las Vegas Story” for HERTZ IST TRUMPF in October 2009, “Yoko Emoshon” for BROUQADE in February 2010 and “Blumenholz” for ACKER in March 2010).

Their tracks are played by the most famous djs, including Villalobos, Loco Dice, Reboot, Karotte, Italoboyz, Tobi Neumann…

In addition to their intense activity as producers, Lula Circus perform in various clubs and festivals (FUSION FESTIVAL 2010 – Larz/Berlin DE, 3000° Festival 2010 – Berlin DE, CASSERO Bologna IT, SOS U-GROUND – Larz/Berlin DE, ETNOBLOG – Trieste IT, MARIA AM OSTBAHNHOF – Berlin DE, RITTER BUTZKE – Berlin DE, and more…) with their dj set and live set.