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Torino, Italy

Minimal, Tech House

Code2 Records, Trebol Records
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Born in 1983, dj Lukino begins to enter the world of music at the age of 16 years. His first experience as a DJ starts in 2000 at the “TWISTER” in Confreria (CN), at the “DOMINA” in Toirano (SV), at the"019" in Cairo Montenotte (SV) and in other premises in the province of Cuneo.Thanks to the work carried out, little by little, he began to buy equipment to practice his passion : “THE MUSIC”. Since 2004, for about 2 years, leaving for work in the villages with the task of TSL (Tech, Sound and Light). His first season as an entertainer began in Jerba in Tunisia for 6 months and the second season (winter) is carried out in Egypt at Sharm el Sheik for a period of 6 months. In this period as well as take care of disco in the village and animation on the beach, he worked the sound and lighting director for theater,cabaret and musicals such as Dirty Dancing, Fame, Blues Brothers, Grease , The Girls of Coyote Ugly, Full Monty, and many others …In 2005, thanks to the fine work done in Egypt, is convened for the summer season in Ibiza (ES) for 6 months where deepens his knowledge with electronic music.In November 2005 starting experience at the “CESAR PALACE” Magliano Alpi (CN) where he work as resident DJ for the entire season. He also worked for the “SHOCK” in Paesana (CN), the “FLORIDA” (BS), the “ALCATRAZ” and the “ROLLING STONE” (MI), the “VAILLANT PALACE” (GE), the “TEMPLARES” in Airasca (TO), the “RANCH” in Moncalieri (TO), the “DUE” in Cigliano, the “CAPANNINA” in Alassio (SV), the “ROTO’Beach” in Nova Siri (MT), the “BAIA IMPERIALE” (PS), the “PALALABYRINT” (RN), the “ECU” (RN), the “PIT STOP” (CN), the “CHALET” (TO), the “FACE” (AO), the “KRYSTAL” (TO), the “BLUE MOON” (GE), the “MILU’” and the “MAIGAD” in Ivrea (TO), the “GARE” (TO), the "KORONA (TO), the “BLACK BUDDHA” (GE) and many others.In 2008 he began to produce some tracks and in 2011 he joined the Berlin label Code2 records.