Luki Beatport


Luki was born in the UK in the early 80s. After his family and friends became sick of the dull weather they decided it was time for a change and came over to Australia for the sun and sand.

It was not until Luki had finished school that he decided music was the direction he wanted to take in life. After becoming friends with some of Brisbane top djs, it was not hard for Luki to learn the ways.

While only coming onto the Brisbane Dance scene in late 2004, Luki has already made his mark. This Past year and a half has seen Luki secure residences at some of Brisbane’s best clubs, many guest spots and also playing alongside some of Brisbanes Finest.

Playing a variety of music ranging from hard trance to hard and funky house but always with his own distinct style.

The past year was very successful for Luki. The next few years are looking even better!