Top 25k on The DJ List

Luka Swier

Kungsbacka, Sweden

Progressive House


Luka Swier was born in Inowroclaw Poland 1985.

Lukas DJ journey started at his dads disco Rotation where he got to hang around with a DJs and bouncers. One time the DJ had an accident and only 12 year old Luka got the chance (with his Dads permission) to jump up behind the mixer and mix some tracks. And after this night Luka became deeply interested in dance music.

The next time he got a chance to play was at a small club where he made a groove on the dance floor playing his friends vinyls and from that night he was all into house music.

After that he continued to play at small clubs and parties and even on a local radio station where he had his own show, with nothing but house music. He played at clubs like Fuego, Henriksberg, Roda Rummmet, Upp1Bar, Negatiff and Dojlidy.

He starts promoting himself and recorded lots of demo tapes and played at local stores and happenings. One of his best mixes is the one with his good polish fiend DJ Cube where he expresses his passion to progressive music. Mix Luka Swier vs. Cube has been played on Polish FM radio station. He also started a DJ school in Kunsbacka where he though young kids how to mix music.

As a 17-year-old boy he started to hang around at club REACTOR at Kompaniet where he met Kike (Quique). Kike showed him some progressive music and Luka got more and more involved in the progressive sounds.

Later, together with Kike, he created Heavensplayground; an electronic music collective, where the focus lies in sharing music, pictures and events in Gothenburg and in Barcelona. Mainly they focus on progressive, house, electro and techno.

2004 young and talented Luka got a brilliant idea! He arranged a party called Dirty Heaven, with Premier in Poland at club Negatiff in Poznan. He decided to continue with this dirty idea in Sweden and together with his good friends Wince and Aleksi K he started the club Dirty Heaven, at Cronan in Gothenburg.