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Luis Leite

Lisbon, Portugal

Minimal, Tech House

LAD Publishing & Records, Undo
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Tribo_Spain * LAD Publishing & Rec., Magna Rec. & Kaos Rec._Portugal

He certainly is one of dj’s that more contributed, and still does, to the dance music scene in Portugal. His career is long, and it’s rising took place in the end of the 80’s, specially in 1988, when he became the resident Dj for the then famous “Plateau”. Between 1989/1993, he was the resident DJ of some Lisbon clubs. He’s been to most Portuguese clubs, performing memorable nights, and has participated in the biggest national events together with great international names, as Underworld, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Deep Dish, François K, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Dave Clark, Groove Armada, and many others.

In February of 93, together with some other colleagues, he organized the first great event of dance music in Portugal – the memorable night at Convento de S. Francisco, Coimbra. However, it is in October 93, when he decides to accept the invitation for the mythical Lisbon Club Alcantara-Mar, where he remained as the resident DJ until its closing (March 1999), that he starts to be very requested to perform in the best national clubs and countries as France, Spain, Luxemburg, Norway, England, etc. At Alcântara-Mar, as one of the responsible for the great boom of dance music in Portugal, he’s invited to record the first mixed album for a club – Alcântara-Mar The House of Rhythm, which reached the gold record and was the best selling album in Portugal, with sales above the 30,000 (thirty thousand) copies. Luis Leite was the first national dj to receive a gold record, due to the sales of the mentioned album.

From then on, invitations to record mixed cds hadn’t stopped. The first album for Alcantara-Mar was followed by vols. 2 and 3, having recorded, until today, a total of 13 (Thirteen) Mixed cds. In 1994, he starts producing with L.L. Project, having Rui da Silva in the co-production. He’s first record hade unexpected success, containing two original titles, one of which, still today, is very requested at the dance floors – “Khine#3”, that will be edited for new remixes, this year, by the national publishing company Kaos Records. To better divulge his own works and musical diversity, he opts on choosing different names, as DarkMountainGroup, Delicado, Crystal Symphony, L.L. Project and the project that it has in partnership with the tecno dj /producer Zé Mig-L, the LM Connection. During January 2004, he records, as Delicado, the title “Go Inside”, which was edited this year by the Northern American label Undo Rec. and sub-label Gossip Rec. In 2004, as Crystal Symphony, he edits “Native Women” for the Tribe Records, one of the editing companies of the duo Chus & Ceballos”, which was re-edited, containing new remixes, in 2005. In 2004, he goes to WMC (Miami), where he had the chance to distribute, by a number of dj’ s/ producers, some of the new features he produced, having some of these works been edited by the Italian label Voice of the Underground (VOTU), with two different maxis: the new L.L. Project – “Fire (dance)” and Alex S and Luis Leite – “Don’ t swallow Ep”. With project Delicado he edits, at the end of 2005, in the United States, for the Undo Records, the title “Go Inside”, feat Claudia Franco. Still as Delicado, and feat the well known portuguese model/ actress Fernanda Serrano, he edits, also during the year of 2005, a title for a national compilation called “Amo.te”. This compilation includes two versions of the title “Amo.te” – one more jazz-electro like (original version) and other turned more to the dance floors.2006 starts well in the production area; Together with his partner, the dj and producer Alex Santos, he creates another project, besides Delicado, the DarkMountainGroup, for alternative sounds.

The first single, “Lose Control”, was edited in March by the Label of the musician, dj and English producer Ben Watt, Buzzin Fly, and was considered title of the week in the British chain BBC music site, having reached number 1 at the Hype Chart of British magazine DJ Magazine, in the first fortnight of April.

The title was subject of the most fantastic and unexpected reactions: From “deep heads” to “dark heads”, has been unanimously praised by Pete Tong, Erick Morillo, King Britt, Danny Howells, Dj Vibe, Ashley Beedle, Charles Webster, Marques Wyatt, Roger Sanchez, Pete Heller, NIC Fanciulli, Justin Martin, Heidi and many others.

“Lose Control” already has about ten licensing, and was included in the new CDs and Compilations of some of the most appraised djs and editing world companies, such as Erick Morillo, Ben Watt, Dj Vibe, Heidi, Get Physical, Buzzin Fly and many others.

At the editing company of the North American Eddie Amador, Mochico Primo, he will edit one of his own remixes as Crystal Symphony, for the title “Dune”, of The Vintage.

“Khine#3” new remixes, which Luis Leite signs as L.L. Project, had been edited, in vinyl, at the beginning of 2006, by Kaos Records Portugal, with remixes of Mr. Tribe, Redkone and of Colombian Dj Spot.

Since 2001, Luis Leite is being nominated, in various categories, for the Dance Club Awards. In 2004 he was nominated for the categories of: Best National House Dj, Best National Hit Single, Best National Compilation and Best Event, having received the award for ‘Better National Compilation’.

He is an eclectic Dj, with a very personal style, connoisseur of vast musical styles, who adjusts easily, constantly evolving in his craft.

- Mix CD’s: 9 mixed compilations, of which if we detach the 3 volumes of Alcântara-Mar and Leite House, edited for EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, and the compilation he recorded together with his brother Paulo Leite – LeiteNightSessions. The last mixed cd was recorded in 2004, after the great party Olá, that took place in that same year – ” Olá Love2Dance… in the sky”.

Compilations with original titles: some editions for Twisted Records and Tribal America (U.S.A), 1st volume for Progressive Attack and Frankfurt 23 (Germany); UMM (Italy), Kaos Records, Alternative Musica, Vidisco, EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, Universal, 2Dance, Free Sound, among others in Portugal.

Original titles: With maxi-single format (12 “), he edits various titles using diverse names: L.L. Project, Crystal Symphony, Delicado, LM Connection and DarkMountainGroup. He got 2 Hits at an international level with the title “Khine#3”, with co-production of Rui Da Silva and, more recently, “The Sound of Fashion”, with co-production of Alex S. This last work was edited by EMI for France, Italy, Australia, Greece and Poland. The 2ndsingle as Delicado, feat. Kika Santos, was very appreciated by one of best djs of the world – Roger Sanchez, who included it several weeks in his Top10. This title was licensed for the French editing company, House Not Home Records. He also recorded, with Dj Zé-Mig.L, one maxi-single as LM Connection – “Jungle Urbano”, for the independent Portuguese editing company of dance music, Magna Recordings.

What say the critics?

:“Deep, sexy, druggy music! One sexy mutha!” Danny Howells

“I love it! Very nasty bassline!” Pete Tong

“Stunning stuff ! Absolutely rocked The Cross last Saturday. One of the best pure house tunes I have heard in a while. Niceness!” Ashley Beedle (X-Press2)

‘“This is great! Like a housey Energy Flash. Tools very handy for mashing up too! Brill!” James Zabiela

“Wow, I better take another shower. Listening to this makes me feel dirty!! It’s so good it reeks of excellence!!! 10/10" Roger Sanchez

“Its my f*ckin’ anthem. My number one. Dude, everyone goes bizzerk. Great tune!” King Britt

“Great track … The Energy Flash bassline comes around again from Darkmountaingroup and is ripping up dancefloors.

" Damian Lazarus (CrosstownRebels)

“Lovely. In the box and getting good reactions from the floor.” Pete Heller


“That Darkmountaingroup tune rules!!” Dave Jenkins (i-DJ)

“Great deep dubby tough house track.” Will Mills ( Shazam / Touch Magazine)

“Top electronic dance music. Like its drive. Charting” Craig Woodrow (DJ Mag)

“Def feeling it. Love the bassline …” Kevin MacFarlane (M8, Editor)

“It’s an absolute monster. That bassline is sick! Quality stuff. It’s going to be getting a Top Tune review in the March issue of iDJ." Matt Anniss (i-DJ)

“It’s really good. Will be in House Top 3 April Issue, out March.” James Mowbray (Mixmag)

i-DJ REVIEWTOP TUNE – 5 STARS – “Now this is a monster. Featuring one of the heaviest and hookiest basslines of recent times, ‘Lose Control’ is Buzzin’ Fly’s most destructive record yet … a filthy bassline, thumping beats, a few acid tweaks and the simplest of spoken vocals on top. But boy does it do the business on the dancefloor! Simply immense!”(MA)

i-DJ – HEAVY ROTATION – “March’s Biggest Tunes and Hottest Releases – Number 2 – Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly label take another step towards dancefloor domination with what will surely become the label’s biggest single yet. Think ‘Flat Eric’ goes deep house (or ‘MAW do acid’, as one DJ has already described it) and you’re close. Monster.”

DJ MAGAZINE REVIEWSUREPLAYER – 4.5/5 – “A new project for Rodamaal’s Alex S (with Luis Leite and Claudia Franco), Darkmountaingroup have certainly climbed the heights with this debut. Described with some economy as ‘Acid MAW’, killer New York beats are topped with some serious cutting synths and fx. But while all that, and the breathy female vocal, are enough, it’s the nasty bassline that draws this out of the deep house cul de sac. That Howells, Fancuilli and Tong like it as much as Charles Webster shows that it works on more than one level. Buzzin’ Fly can do ugly as well as pretty it seems. A new door opens for Ben Watt. (JK)”

As a Dj invited – Clubs


- Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Norway, UK, Switzerland


- Op Art Cafe, Loft, Budha Lx, Budha Club, Loft, Rocks, Locomia, Kadoc, Pacha(Ofir), Day After, Kremlin, Lux, Vaticano, Alcantara Club, Queens, Sound Planet, In Loco,

Hit Club,Vespas(Madeira Island), Challenger Club(Porto Santo Island), Wolf & Twins(Terceira Island_ Azores).

Among many others…

Festivals / Events

- São Francisco Church (Coimbra,Portugal_1993)

- Tribal Vibe with Stacy Pullen (Lisbon,Portugal_1993)

- Montemor-o-Velho Castel with Derrick May & Drum Club (Medieval Groove,Portugal_1993)

- Stª Maria da Feira Castel with Danny Tenaglia & Jaydee (Feira Virtual,Portugal_1994)

- Neptunus Festival with R.Sanchez,Mr C,Carl Cox and Others (Algarve,Portugal_1997)

- New Years Eve Party (Alcobaça,Portugal_1996-97)

- Next Level – New Years Eve Party (Portugal_1997_98 & 99)

- Expo 1998 with Andrew Weatherall (Lisbon,Portugal_1998)

- Festimad 98 with Stacy Pullen, Dj Rush (Madrid,Spain_1998)

- Kaos – 5 years (PortoPortugal_1999)

- Y2K – New Years Eve Party (Lisbon,Portugal_1999-2000)

- Summer Festivals

. Sun Dance with Carl Cox, Jeff Mills (Kadoc,Portugal_1999)

. Sun Eclipse with Dave Clarke, Cevin Fisher (Kadoc,Portugal_1999)

. Sun Rise 2000 with R.Sanchez and Dave Angel (Kadoc,Portugal_2000)

. Sundance 2000 with Carl Cox and Jeff Mills (Kadoc,Portugal_2000)

. Sundance 2001 with Erick Morillo, Bob Sinclair, Adam Beyer (Kadoc,Portugal_2001)

. Sundance Music Festival with Dave Angel and David Alvarado (Pacha Ofir,Portugal_2002)

. Sunrise Dance Festival with Louie Vega and Carl Cox (Kadoc,Portugal_2003)

- World Dance Event 2000 (Pacha Ofir,Portugal_2000)

- Meco Dance Festival with Paul Daley, Kenny Dope and Dj Vibe (Lisbon,Portugal_2001)

- Sudoeste Festival with Jon Carter, Stereo Mc’s and Goldfrapp (Zambujeira do Mar,Portugal_2001)

- Sudoeste Festival with Paul Oakenfold & Chemical Brothers (Zambujeira do Mar,Portugal_2001)

- Olá Love2Dance Party with R.Sanchez,Tod Terry & Silicone Soul (Lisbon,Portugal_2003)

- MTV Shakedown Party with Dj Vibe & Armand Van Helden (Lisbon,Portugal_2003)

- Olá Love2Dance Party – In the sky with Deep Dish, François K & Dj Sneak (Lisbon,Portugal_2004)

- Rock in Rio Lisboa with Carl Cox, Dj Vibe, Danny Tenaglia, David Guetta and Others (Lisbon,Portugal_2006)

Among many others…