Luis Beyra Beatport


In some instances, music just naturally runs through your veins. This is the case with Luis Beyra DJ, Producer, Sound engineer, Bassist and much more. Luis is more than a DJ he is an architect of sound. With over 16 years of DJ experience, Luis is a resident DJ at The District Lounge (in Miami˘Â€Â™s Design District) and has spun in numerous clubs in NYC such as 6s and 8s.

As co-founder of the production company Playground Superstars, Inc., Luis has had the opportunity do exclusive remixes and productions for Universal Music, including: Remix of Es Por Ti, by Grammy-award winner artist Juanes, remix of the samba drum classic A Incrivel Bacteria, and production and mixing of Universal’s Latino St. Latin Hip Hop Mix CD.

His latest tracks just waiting for someone to sink their teeth into include an exclusive remix of Dancing in the Dark by Diana Krall, Jenny, Cerca de Ti, His Name is Kiki, a remix of deepdown by m’lange, a haunting house track called Contaminate the Ambiance and a hot house remix of Billy Joel’s Big Shot featuring Jenny Baldomero.

Luis still finds to partake in his biggest project as bassist, producer and much more of the up-and-coming band m’lange. Here, he is able to create a unique journey of sound that combines organic and electronic elements with soulful vocals, a fusion of old school soul with new school heart. With standout tracks such as Creepin’, Never Lonely, New Funk and C’Mon, Luis and his bandmates (Lorely Garcia – vocals; and Randy Suarez = Keys) have had larger than life gigs in celebrity parties, art festivals and more.