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Houston, United States

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Ill start with the present

Semi-Retired, Work, takes up a lot of my time,But playing music is my true passion,

So if your in Houston, and want a Party rocked till the end,

hit me up.

So lets see, Jam Master Jay was my influence,

I remeber it was like 86 when I saw the walk this way video,

and I seeing him scratch and pump up the decible levels,

That was it,

I bought my first Mixer at 17 and hooked it up

to an old turn table that belonged to my parents,

you could’nt really scratch on it,

but I practiced mixing beats, with that single turn table

to my tape player (was crazy)

I was the Owner of “The Disc Jockeys of Houston”

and did a number of personal gigs, my biggest client

was U of H Law School, special thanks to “BIG” Tom,

one of my personal best performances ,and just a great time

was doing there Halloween Party in 1995.

Since then its been a number of GIGs

most memorable my time at SHSU, Spinning at Quarters, Confettis, and Paragon,

all my respect to DJs’ Jeremay Arnold, Sicarius, Skat, and Promethius,