Lukas Penc alias Lucky Lucaso:

Born on 9th September 1973. From three years old lived in Spain. In 1992 returned to Prague where he took special interest in the club dance scene. Soon he got noticed by a wide audience not only as a party big name, but especially as a singer, master of ceremonies, commentator, actor and a model. Samotari, Pernikova vez, Devcatko and other pictures count among the films where he showed his acting skills. In 1999 he stood up behind the turntables for the first time. He got the first opportunity to show his arts in public in the best known club in Bohemia Radost FX. He became a singer of a well-known band Plexis and they released two CDs. In 2001/2002 he held eleven very successful shows called ‘The Private Party’ in the Radost FX club. In autumn 2002 he met Uwa for the first time?..

Uwe Vanik alias Uwa:

Born on 17th July 1971. Started djing already back in 1989. He has been playing for fourteen years already and his technique is excellent. To add something extra to the show he is able to mix almost by all parts of his body including the nose and tongue. He is even able to put the gramophones bottom up and mix in this position without any mistake. One of the reputable critics (Slamitch wrote about him: especially the technique of a master that none of our top DJs may have. Melodic house mixed absolutely unrecognizably, scratches just like DJ Trava however done with a hand in his nose, broken beat, classical scratches, simply dj tricks that one can practically not see or hear in the Czech Republic. Active djing as it should be. BIG RESPECT 2 DJ UWA!!!". There’s nothing to add to this ;)

Lucky Lucaso and Uwa:

In January 2003 the booking agency Depo9 took them under its wing. They have become an inseparable couple of entertainers, moderators, but above all DJs that combine djing with a real show using microphones, a variety of props and costumes to make the whole event special. As their energy is unfailing, they hold their own parties. In February 2003 they gained the residency at the Naif club. Their Thursday night performance called “Show! like V.I.P.” instantly became the most popular and crazy party in Prague. In February 2003 they organized together with the Naif club a show called “Miss Travesty CR 2003”. This got started series of ‘Miss’ contests: GoGo, Pompis, Tits and Bimbas. The most visible night in the media made popular not only this club. In conjunction with the Stratosfera publishing and the Show magazine they hold events called ‘Show ‘.me’ all over the republic. In April 2003 they held a party at the Bahama Playa in the garage of the Congress Palace where was not only 56 tons of sand but also 4000 people! In the spring they also released on Twin Records a mixed CD named It’s Time For Music and sold more than 3000 pieces. From December 2003 to June 2004 they organized seven events at the MisMas club with a capacity of 1700 people. Since January 2004 they have residency Thursdays at the renowned Duplex club, a member of World Finest Clubs.

Played with:

Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Le Blanc, Santi B, Gayle San, David Guetta, Diva, Luis Bonias, live pa Shena McSween, Royal Gigolos, Glen B, Alfonso Alminana, Sarah Main, Sonique, Ade Fenton, PINK, Psycho Radio (Daniele Tignino), Shield, Cathy Cat, Xpress2, Colin Dale, The Biz, Phats and Small, Queen Nakadia, Steve Angello, Salva Cotanda , Amalgamation of Sound, Queen Nakadia, Alex Axx Koss, Antoine Clamaran, ATFC, Silicone Soul