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Lucien Reden

Strasbourg, France

Electronica, Techno

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French Dj, producer, remixer

Born on July 1978 @ Strasbourg.Fr

“Every genre is interesting when it’s made with the heart. Rankings, statistics, dates.. no matter! Sounds are not numbers, they are feelings! It’s all about vibes and frequencies.”

At eighteen years, with the associations Emergencyॐ and Tryce, he started to learn Djing and to organize free parties and events.

He has played under the name of L.Red’N, with John Thomas, Claude Young, Tonio, Tuttle, Brian Burger, BrunoD, Gallen, Djoss Davis.. and many other great artists.

Addicted to vinyls, he loves to tell stories with three turntables and different styles of electronic music.

Hardworking and passionate, he is finally trying to create his own sounds. His influences are “all and nothing”.

Since a few years, we can find his work on some cool labels like:

- Nightology Records

- Jambalay Records

- Liquitech Records

- Be Juicy Recording

- Triskel Tech Recordings

- Spaceal Orbeats Records

- Ring Mode Records

- Quokka Records…

and also some free remixes, on

“Music is the key of the soul, a religion, a therapy, a travel in time, an unlimited exploration, a self kind of high, the sculpture of the air, the strongest form of magic, the greatest treasure in the world, present, freedom, love and life.“

Tracks and remixes made with Logic, Reason and Love.

Cheers ;)