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If there is one word to describe Luciano Pardini’s sets, you can try “ENERGY”. Everyone who attends one of his parties is seduced by his charisma and energy.

His mixed roots from a Brazilian father and an Italian mother may help us to understand all of the charisma, sexual appeal and energy that he transmits through his sets. And, not only through his sets, but as a person, Luciano preaches and transmits positive energy.

His prolific musical talent was something that was asleep, always inside of him, something that even he didn’t know about.

More and more he began to attend the events held in the local clubs. With every passing weekend he was dragged deeper into the New York club scene; he was so inspired by Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia and later Victor Calderone , that pretty soon he started to feel the need to be out there, not only listening and dancing, but playing.

When we asked Luciano how he became a DJ, he answered: “I had a dream and, I went for it”

His perseverance and determination to run towards his dreams led him to build his home studio and, to learn how to set up and use all of the equipment in a Dj’s arsenal. He learned how to play his first songs by trial and error. His natural hidden talents would soon be noticed. After some practice in his home studio, playing for friends, he was brought to play his first gig at the legendary New York night club Spirit in January of 2006.

After that, he was discovered by New York mega promoter Rob Fernandez, who gave him the chance to play in Pacha’s basement. After a few gigs in the basement, Rob gave him the chance to play on Pacha’s main floor. They both created a party that has been breaking attendance records at Pacha called “Made in Brazil”.

With ongoing, relentless house music beats and a hint of techno influence associated with unique vocals, Luciano knows exactly how to bring the best out of all of us.

He controls the crowd with his unbelievable mixing of house/techno music and vocals; every item by its exact dose to make funky and sexy live sets that definitely set him apart.

In 2007 Luciano Pardini started producing his own tracks; together with fellow Brazilian DJ Mauro Mozart, Luciano produced “The world of the sound”, his first track. After that, his dream started to turn into a reality.

As of 2009, Luciano Pardini is working with Pacha Recordings, Accuna Records and KULT Records.

Luciano has produced over 20 tracks, as well as his own Remixes; some of which were listed as top sellers on (“Tribute to Pacha-NYC”, “The beat of the Bee”, “Michael Jackson’s Thriller” among others).

The future is bright for Dj Luciano Pardini. He has achieved in only 3 ½ years what most Djs would dream of achieving in 10. His talent for production and attention to detail shine brightly in all of his work, and now that he has achieved local stardom, he’s free to conquer the rest of the world.