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Luciano Garofalo

Caserta, Italy


CibiCaldi Records, Crossworld Vintage, Diferit Records
Luciano Garofalo Beatport


luciano garofalo began this passion in 1997 until today. began an individual route that alternates dj, and live set. has working in a lot of clubs in turn for Italy, and Europe. in console displays a minimal techno worked in the smaller details, receiving compliments for a long time important artists of the Italian panorama and European. and a very sweet person and has a very eclectic style, always to the search And stylistic, it loves to astonish the public. in 2007 its definitive turn, signs its first contract with the note agency partenopea plastic dream Naples, of whom him are treating the booking count on a young talent in growth. has collabborato with the radio program the noche escabrosa on m20 the venerdi night, and an artist in continuous evolution to 360 degrees not to stop ever of to believe in ioc than ami.