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Lucas Nardi

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Electro House, Progressive House

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Lucas` professional DJ career began in the nineties. He was only twelve years old when, influenced by djs like Beto Resnik (New York City / Caix), Hernan Cattaneo and Aldo Haydar (Sound Factory Records), he rocked the dancing floors in different bars. During the year 2002, he took control of Club Caixs booth. The following year, he spun the turntables at the penthouse of New York City, and at the same time, he visited clubs like Caix and Museum as a dj guest. In the summer of 2004 he played at the VIP of the famous disco Ku in Mar del Plata, also visiting various discos and bars among which we find Avalon and Fantasy After-hours. Back in Buenos Aires, the House and Progressive rhythm hit New York City once again thanks to Lucas in his sets full of energy and good taste. After his last residency in the year 2004 at New York City, he received several invitations to play at different clubs, like Mdena Design (Bar Ferrari/Masseratti), Museum, Caix and Club Caix, Pacha and Club Pacha, Mint, Spell Cafe Club, Sunset Alternative Room and Club [email protected] Diosa.In the year 2005, he was in charge of the booth at Club Araoz and visited [email protected] Diosa, Museum, Mint and Bahrein as well. During January of the following year, he played at [email protected] Brique (Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires), having Bahrein, Club Zone, Museum and Rumis booths waiting for his return. He played with national Djs like: Tommy Jacobs, Romayn, Luis Callegari, Martin Lamelas, Diego Ro-k, Javier Zuker, German Rovira, Ariana, Aldo Haydar, Marcos Paz, Santiago Vitorelli, Festa Bros., Javier D`May, Martn Daz and Facu Carri; as well as some international djs like, Carlos Daz, Tom Rixton, Josh Hinder and Seor Bok Chy, among others. Not only has Lucas in the last five years played in the most important clubs of Buenos Aires, but he has also demonstrated he has a lot more to offer.