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Luca Testa was born in 1994 in Turin. When he was 14, he discovered the passion for the sounds of the House and of the Electronics music. He decided to enter the world of music and mixing with Traktor. He started passionate and excited to work with various associations and organizers of events in his city playing in various clubs of Turin and its province as the Patio Club, Rotonda Valentino, Big Club, Vogue, Blanco, VIP Club – Sushi Sound, Banus Club, Havana Club, Disco Loco, Villasport, Life Club, Lucignolo. Then decided to produce music with the use of professional programs such as Ableton Live and FL Studio and begin to save and publish online some of his remixes and bootleg; and working with record labels producing original disks, you can buy some of his albums and productions on the store as Itunes, Beatport, Junodownload and many others. Luca Testa continues to grow with his rhythms and his great enthusiasm for this wonderful world of music.