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The talented up and coming Italian DJ/Producer, was born and raised on a small island named Ischia in the Gulf of Naples.

Luca’s productions go from Deep to Tech House, Tribal and Progressive. When asked to explain his favorite type of music, Luca responds, “Any music that gives me emotions and feelings..for me, music is an art-form. I play from deep to dirty sexy tribal house into progressive.” His taste and unique style which he translates into his records, has captured the attention of some of the world’s best DJs, such as: Danny Tenaglia , Chus & Ceballos ,Peace Division, X-press2, Steve Lawler, John Creamer & Stephan K, Tom Stephan, Peter Rauhofer, DJPaulo, Boy George, Satoshi Tomiie, Timo Maas and Dj Vibe. (we apologies to those that aren’t mentioned)

In addition to producing under his name, Luca has also released works under different project names: When is dark, Aenaria, Vibe junction, Eugenie, Vesdino and Against the grain. Luca Ricci is a talent to be watched. His sound and style make him a favorite anywhere he plays. His music has taken clubbers on a voyage – connecting their minds to their bodies with the drum beats as their guide

In 2006 Luca Ricci launched his company Aenaria Recordings.

Every artist knows how difficult it is to get someone to listen to their work when your name is not established yet. The main goal of Aenaria Recordings is to help new talent on their quest to get their work heard and establish that name for themselves. Luca travels all over the world as a dj and he knows there is a lot of talent out there, eagerly searching for an open door in the music industry.

Aenaria Recordings aims to be a stepping stone for young talent and a positive outlet for people that share the same passion: music!

Aenaria Recordings is divided into 4 different labels each with their own style: Aenaria Music, Aenaria Tribal, Aenaria Tech and Aenaria Chill.

Aenaria Recordings will be managed and administered by Fatal Music Group, the company of dj/producer Jaimy who already gained success with his labels Fatal Music and Drum Mode. Luca met Jaimy in 2005 when he asked Jaimy to remix his production “Sim City”. Later that same year the two planned a studio session together and became good friends. The spirit behind Jaimy’s Fatal Music Group and Luca’s Aenaria Recordings fit perfectly and therefore they have combined forces.

All releases of Aenaria Recordings will be manufactured by Record Industry (NL), distributed world wide by Astral Music (NL) and will be available on digital downloads at several platforms.