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Luca De Maas

Torgau, Germany


CRLG, Digital Quest Music, Eyereflex Records
Luca De Maas Beatport


He started making music in the early 90..s when he was 13 years old. After a long time of collecting experiences, he tried to prove his talent much more professional. Dj Sakin found him via Myspace in 2008 and offered him the chance to release his first song “Sense The Tears” by Dj Sakin vs. Brixx ft. x-Ray on Clone 2.1 Records. After some months and several releases and remixes on Eyereflex Records, Receptive Records and finally TimeFusion as Brixx and Matt de Vries, he decided to change his artist name into Luca de Maas. His first release as Luca de Maas was “Asteroid” on Trancephere Records. This was the beginning of something new by putting both styles together. In 2009 TimeFusion offered him the chance to become a member of the “New Generation of T.A.”. Another step was made. With his version for “Signs Of Future” he started a completely new way in making music. His main intension was to create a permanently own style countary to the main stream. After alot of further remix projects for some great artists and record labels, he had new ideas. The first album release “Beyond the Water” was one result. The best song of this album “Coronasphere”, witch was played by Sunshine Live..s “Dj..s Afterwork” was also a single release by TimeFusion. Luca found a new upcoming artist and decieded to make a song project together. “Replay” was the result of this cooperation between him and TURbo. This track is also released by Dj Sakin..s Clone 2.1 Records. A nother turning-point was to produce a song with a wonderfull voice. “Never Ending Misery” was born. With the amazing voice of a vocalist named, La..Cor, this track became unique.

Enjoy the sound of Luca de Maas……..