LOUIE LOOP a Chicago based DJ/Producer. LOUIE LOOP is an original, fast paced DJ complete with vinyl tricks, flawless mixes, incredible scratching sure to get any crowd h... read more
Louie Loop Beatport


Location: Chicago, United States United States
Genre: House

LOUIE LOOP a Chicago based DJ/Producer. LOUIE LOOP is an original, fast paced DJ complete with vinyl tricks, flawless mixes, incredible scratching sure to get any crowd hyped and begging for more! LOUIE LOOP has been a big part of the club and rave scene for many years. His fierce set consists of a flawless mixture of House, Progressive House and some of the best pounding Tribal House outside of London! Louie has produced, rocked and shared the stage alongside many great acts and world renowned DJ’s and producers such as: Sky Lab 2000, Bad Boy Bill, MTV’s DJ Skribble, DJ Bam Bam, DJ Irene, Richard Humpty Vision, Micro, DJ Enrie, Tony B, Thee-O, Fast Eddie, DJ Lego, Paul Johnson, Angel Alanis, CZR, Trajic, Kevin Halstead, DJ Mea, DJ Funk and many more. LOUIE LOOP turned out amazing performances across the nation in: L.A, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Grand Rapids and Detroit, Tucson, Phoenix, Tempe, Indiana, Wisconsin, Toronto, St. Louis, Chicago, Greece and Europe and many more.

As a performing artist live on 2 Turntables, LOUIE LOOP throws down an array of unmatched mixing and scratching skills, dropping the jaws of crowds all over the world that come to see him. Always bringing only the best musical selections with him, LOUIE LOOP is known to burn his grooves into the minds of listeners. Always wanting to leave each city he performs in with more of a fan base, his CD’s, t-shirts and all out energy for the crowds are ALWAYS A MUST! Every true person in the scene involved today, whether it be a promoter, DJ, producer or a fan of the music should get the opportunity to see LOUIE LOOP and leave nothing behind and pull out all the stops to ensure one of the most electrifying and hardest working DJ today. “I believe that as a DJ, I strive to be different and take those extra steps to ensure a great show. I don’t just want to sit up there in front of 5000 people and mix, blend records, twist knobs and press buttons. The crowd is there to see, me and I won’t be happy until I see each and everyone in the place clap, jump, scream and get hype. It is my goal to keep that feeling going from the first record all the way until the last. If they leave feeling fulfilled, I do too.”

LOUIE LOOP a member of DJ DUO “Double Impact” ( Louie Loop and Greg The Groove) has also released 5 incredible globally distributed Mix-CD’s through UC Music, a Chicago based label that included superstar DJ’s such as DJ Irene, DJ Mea, DJ Funk, Richard Humpty Vission, Lego and many more. They also took volume 6 of America’s #1 best-selling Hard House Mix Series-“House Blend” to new heights! LOUIE LOOP can also be found in his studio based in Chicago, creating some of the most innovative and cutting edge Progressive House and funkiest House in the industry. The popularity of LOUIE LOOP is astonishing across the US, European and Australian radio airwaves as well. LOUIE LOOP has produced mixes for many mix-shows across the world: Star FM-Greece, Energy 88.7 FM-Chicago, WBBM FM B96- Chicago, Cyber Radio 92.7 FM-Chicago, WCRX 88.1 FM-Chicago, Power 105.5 FM-Sacramento, CA, Wild 94.9 FM-San Francisco, CA, Melbourne, Australia and online at grooveradio.com, groovetech.com and clubjam.com. Promoters and DJ’s alike all over have given great reviews of shows and work LOUIE LOOP has done. LOUIE LOOP can be heard every Friday and Saturday night on Chicago’s WBBM FM THE KILLER BEE …B96.3!