Louie Culture Beatport


“I wanna be free from all chains and all bangles and rope

Free from all bars and all borders and dope

Free to praise the Lord because mi nah praise the Pope

So mind how yuh a wash yuh face wid Babylon soap

I was born to be free ’cause mi a ole gangalee

Gangalee and who have eyes they will see.”

-Ganga Lee, Louie Culture

Louie Culture, born Lewin Brown, started out DJing while still at school in Portland. He took the name of his mentor Bobby Culture and fused it with his pet name “Louie,” to come up with the name Louie Culture. Like his mentor, Louie DJayed a lot of Cultural tunes. After recording some songs for Colin Fatta, Louie met DJ Terror Fabulous. Terror introduced him to the “Mad House” crew. That’s when his career took off.

He recorded and scored with songs “Live and Learn” (with Wayne Wonder), “Excellent,” “Bogus Badge,” “Revolution Song,” “No Gal” (on the Pepperseed rhythm), and then the monster hit and titeltrack “Gangalee”, that gave him his first LP, produced by Stone Love (Released 1994, Available at: VP Music Group).

Louie’s big songs in the late 90s are “Don’t Get Weary Gangalee,” “They Lied” and “Ole Before Them Young.” From early 2000 and the following years Louie Culture continued to mash up the dancehalls with songs like “Grab your lass and come” feat. Mikey Spice & “Scandalina” for Digital B Records.

In 2004 Louie Culture released his second album entitled The Uprising (Available at: VP Music Group).

The title track of this album was a next massive hit thru out Jamaica, the US and Europe. He toured the album extensivly together with Freddy McGregor on a 5 weeks europe-tour followed by individual shows in the US.

Over the years Louie Culture has performed countless shows in Jamaica, Japan, the US, Canada, UK, Europe and all over the Caribbean.

Since early 2009 Louie “Gangalee” Culture is working on his 3rd album for his own label Gangalee Music. First singles from the album are “Concrete Jungle Rock” (Silly Walks label), “What a World” (for 96 Degree Records) and “Prayer for Jamaica” (for his own label Gangalee Music).