Lotzik Beatport


Thomas (aka lotzik) was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. 25 years old, producer & remixer since 2000.

Lotzik produces a hybrid style of techno, 100% club, using wide spread influences by many genres both relative to electronic music and not. Lotzik sounds are versatile and innovative and they could be labeled from techno to tekno trance, psy techno to hybrid, minimal techno & harder tribal grooves.

Since 2007 he launched his own digital label, called Eighty Eight Recordings, in cooperation with his friend Klubb Krayz and currently releases and distributes to Beatport, TrackitDown and JunoDownload.

Supported by Axel Karakasis, Trevor Rockcliffe, Klubb Krayz, Alex Celler and many more.