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Athens, Greece


Elevation Recordings (Ireland)
Lostra Beatport


Lostra is currently residing in Greece, but was born in 1974 in Germany. He started his dj career in 1996. At the beginning he played in various venues and events. An important reference point in his djing career was his residency at Loop in 1999. During the following two years he was on a weekly basis in charge of the club s decks, something that played a big role in his conception of music. During the years 2001-3 he was a resident in Inoteka. In 2002 he performed in the SOLALUNA FESTIVAL on the mountain Olympus, next to artists like Ritchie Hawtin, Neil Landstrumm, Chris Liebing e.t.c. He has also performed in other countries, with Germany remaining his main destination due to the special connection he still has with his birthplace.

Lostra s music and his mixing style combines techno with house and freestyle elements. He incorporates the groovy and hypnotic elements of house (dub, natural sounds, percussions) into the sounds and structure of techno to create his own musical amalgam. His present music style could be described as minimal house/techno with some spicy elements.

Since 2003 he has been cooperating with Thodoris Triantafillou as a production and djing team, using the alias NOVOX. In February 2005 they released their first EP through the well-known German label WARE. The releases success was astounding and the EP was sold out in 2 weeks time! 2005 was also the year to create a new project with another friend, Mr. Statik (Mud Max), the L.E.G.O. (Little Erotic Groove Obsessions). The latest projects aim is to bring the minimal techno/house sound closer to a wider audience through a number of various events and back2back sets. This special collaboration will present his unique taste of dirty, erotic & minimal with music production too.


Novox – Rotor v.a. Electronic Athens compilation no.2, Ntrop/Klik records, April06

Novox – Coufault (+ Alex Smoke remix), Ware 63, April 06 Novox – Our Ghosts (+ M.Schaffhauser remix), v.a. City by the Sea:Athens – vinyl compilation, Voltage Musique 09, Mar. 06

Novox – Dont forget to, Ware 58, Nov05

Novox – Sweat & Smoke EP+Bonus track Lazy2Let, Ware50 [email protected], Jun 05

Novox – Sweat & Smoke EP, Ware 50, Feb 05

Lostra – [zero], Inoteka dance traxx vol.1, Capp, 2002


The Fuzzy Nerds – "Project no.9 (Novox projected remix), Sonic Playground (unreleased)

Patrick Pelzner – “all to dry (one to wet remix by novox)”, Plasteline 02 (unreleased)

Mud max – dogbite (novox bitten rmx), Balkon 01, Nov05

Adaptor – meteor (novox remix), Rhythmetic 04, Jan06


Resident @ :

Yoga Bala,Inoteka (01-03),Loop (98-00)


Reworks Festival 2005/Thessaloniki, Synch Festival 2005/Lavrio, Unitycastle Festival 2003/Erfurt Germany, Solaluna Festival 2002/Olympos

Guest (Athens) @ :

Umatic, Motel, Luv, Club 22, Danza, Bios Basement, Underworld, Open Bar, Bios, Wunderbar, 417, Soul Stereo, Zoo, 122, Cafeina, Stavlos, Graffiti

Guest (out of athens):

MIllenium 2001, Freak event/Aachen – Germany, Musikbunker, Aixtreme event/Aachen Germany, Zenit/ Thessaloniki, Cocoon/Corfu Isl., Loop/Ios island, Lalos Sailing/Naxos island, Stoa/Ioannina, Mojo/Patra, Mojo/Rhodes island, Boheme/Serres, Sugar/Serres, Virus/Serres, Matrix/Paramithia, Posh/Volos,

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