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San Francisco, United States

Breaks, Tech House

Mizumo Music
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Never allowing herself to be confined by genres, Loryn’s versatility sets her apart from other dj’s. At the same time, she has developed and refined her own unique sound. A transplant to the Bay Area scene from New York, DJ Loryn brings more than just music with her when she steps behind the decks. Having acquired over a decade of knowledge and experience directly from San Franciscos burgeoning underground dance scene, Loryn has no shortage of stories to share. As a singer-songwriter turned DJ mixtress, she was first influenced by electronic dance music from Detroit, Toronto, and NYC in 1998. In her formative years she experimented with music styles from Drum&Bass/Jungle to UK Hard House and Techno. It wasn’t until 2002, while attending college at the University of California in Santa Barbara, that she was first introduced to LA House by fellow film student and soon to be founder of HAWT Music, Mikey Velazquez. Having grown up in Los Angeles, Velazquez was well suited to guide the young dj through pockets of the LA underground scene – exposing her also to the bright, uplifting sounds of LA/Chicago house and styles of DJ Mes, Derrick Carter, Diz, Joshua Iz, DJ Heather and DJ Sneak. When questioned about her connections to genre of house, without hesitation Loryn says, “it’s really the raw soulfulness of house that keeps me coming back for more – and also the fact that there can be so many different styles and sub genres of house music. I like that the boundaries of the genre can be blurred sometimes because it leaves great room for both innovation and experimentation”. Shortly after her official intro to the LA underground scene, Loryn was left with an indelible mark on her heart that now serves as a permanent reminder of her Love for house music.​

Driven by curiosity and a natural desire to create, she began slowly working funky bass beats and swing/soul/jazz elements into her live techno sets. When Loryn finally made the move to San Francisco in 2003, she had no idea she was about to partake in an explosion of Techno and Tech-House in San Francisco in just a few short years. At the same time Loryn was adjusting to her new urban environment and getting to know the locals, Barclay Crenshaw (aka Claude Vonstroke) was laying groundwork for his now uber famous and internationally recognized label, Dirtybird Records, which was launched from SF in 2005. During this time Loryn had been dabbling in the underground scene with a more “stripped away” style of techno now called Minimal and was experimenting mixing techno with 80′s Electro creating a more “tech-punk” sound similar to Tiga and bands like The Ting Tings. When asking Loryn about being a tech DJ in SF during the whirlwind that has now been coined the “San Francisco Techno/Tech-house Movement”, she wanted to talk more about an event called Kontrol. Kontrol, a concept conceived by Greg Bird and comprised of other pioneers of SF Techno including Nikola Baytala, Sammy D, and Alland Byallo, was a very heavy influence on Loryn’s style. At the time, she recalls going out solo just to catch an ear of what Nikola and Charlotte the Baroness were playing at SF’s legendary club The Endup. Both Nikola and Charlotte combined more tribal house elements into their techno sets and, as Loryn states, “they illustrated a very eclectic and wide range of sounds; which was quite appealing to me at the time because I had already covered so much ground musically. It was nice to finally see other people mixing a broader spectrum of techno while still keeping the set cohesive and ‘together’ sounding – which isn’t always an easy thing to do. I have mad respect for them [Nikola and Charlotte] along with Greg Bird because I feel that they were the ones who really carved out a niche in the San Francsico scene for techno. They made it easier for someone like me to rock the techno beats in this city. They’ve impacted my music in a very positive way I feel. I am grateful, they did the hard work and they did it well.” Loryn was partial to these Kontrol events because they were consistently importing fresh European techno talent on a regular basis which, in turn, was exposing her to fresh, international talent. Loryn states, “I think that was the first time I really understood and…realized, I guess, that this was something that happened all over the world. I mean, I was meeting some really amazing people from all over the world right on the dancefloor. We all shared a love for this style of music and people were really coming out of the woodwork, it was wild. I guess most of the folks that did like techno were not from SF and even more were not from the U.S.A.; San Francisco is a very international city. Back then it was such a magical and exciting time, for me, as an artist.” ​ By 2009, Just a few years after tech-house exploded it’s way into the mainstream, DJ Loryn had become synonymous with the genre and was suddenly being recognized as one of SF’s first female pioneers of tech-house and electrotech. The sudden attention was welcomed and embraced, however, Loryn had always been more of an originator and leader so it wasn’t before too long that she was back underground, experimenting with music like a mad scientist, trying to re-invent herself once again. After a decade of active performance and a whirlwind of changes in music technology, Loryn has managed to stay afloat as a performer while also advancing, polishing, and maturing both technically and creatively. Now gravitating towards a more conceptual approach to music, she has begun working themes, stories, and her own emotions into live sets, constantly evolving her sound but never loosing sight of the folks in front of the speakers.​ Openly stimulated by the visually graphic world around her, Loryn also draws musical inspiration from her own experiences, ideas and dreams. Over the last few years Loryn’s performance schedule has become increasingly busy – even for this energetic little audiophile. To date she has performed festivals which include massive outdoor events such as Burning Man (heart deco/robot heart), LoveEvolution (strategik float), HowWeird (dusty rhino), SF Pride (tantra underground dance stage) and can be found playing a variety of club and underground events on a weekly basis. Fully capable of going mainstream she prefers and preserves the underground energy. Much like her approach to mixing, in the studio, Loryn has no limitations and will work with what moves her in the moment. This tiny pistol has recently been causing a stir not only on the dance-floor, but in the production studio as well. Loryn has performed and recorded music under a growing list of aliases including: D-Weasel, Loryn Buffalo, Missao, Liesel Von Trapp, Polly Chromatic, Source4, and Twins From Outer Space; a collaborative performance/studio project with DJ Denise.​ Her first release “Get It” was picked up by European label USB Digital and her newest breaks track “Whipper Snipper” on San Francisco label Mizumo Music immediately charted in the top 100 breaks genre on Already, Whipper Snipper has been remixed by top producers such as Art of Hot, DJ Hero, Ego Valente, Viro & Rob Analyze, and DJ Denise. DJ Loryn was a resident of the Sonus Collective, a tech and minimal based crew that organized events with an international vibe and was design + technology focused. She is also a part of Strategik, an SF based collective of dj’s, producers and oddballs who work hard at keeping the renegade alive, and have helped to bring back the true meaning of underground dance music. Recently, Loryn has been in the studio working on an original debut album to be released in the summer/fall of 2013. Loryn also continues to work collaboratively with several of the Bay Area’s top producers, in hopes to keep raising the bar on her abilities so she can continue to create and share unforgettable musical experiences with others. Stay up to date with new music from DJ Loryn here and at

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