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Lorenzo D'ianni

Rome, Italy


Akoom Records, Audio Elite, Black-listed Recordings
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Lorenzo D’Ianni was born in Rome on 22 March 1991. Since he was a child he approaches the music’s world, listening to the many dance music’s compilation.

Since 2003 approaches the DJ’s world and then he fall in love for that work, he starts playing in small roman’s club until decides to start producing. At the beginning his tendency led him to produce Elettro House music,

but afterwards he falls in love for the Techno and the Minimal, so he decided to send his tracks to the labels. In 2009 he had its first success with “Galaxy” and “Pusher”. In 2010 he was in Umek BMA Chart and 12 of his tracks were on Beatport Minimal and Techno chart.

In 2011 he and his big friend Gabriele Carasco have opened together a digital and vinyl label: Clairvoyance Noire (Techno/Minimal) and Clairvoyance Rouge (House/Tech House).

Lorenzo D’Ianni’s works have been appreciated by some big artists: Umek, Tomy DeClerque, Ahmet Sendil, Lance Blaise, SLAM, Dubfire, Anderson Noise,

Dandi&Ugo, Piatto, John Selway, Christian Cambas and others!

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