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Culprit LA/ Get Physical-Poesie Musik/ Sonora/ Nordik Net/ Akbal Music/ Dilate Records

Lorenzo Dada is steadily building his reputation as a deep house producer who is influenced by his classical background. From his start in 2004, Lorenzo first received recognition after Jay Haze heard his music and had positive praise towards it. Jay Haze was quoted in an interview with Meoko on his feelings towards first hearing Lorenzo’s music saying, “Wow, this is really quality stuff. The vocalists he works with, the songs he writes, it’s not just standard stuff.” Together they created the song “Echo Park” and finalized an EP with “Broken Glass” also remixed by Jay Haze for Lorenzo’s label Sonora Records. Lorenzo made his next leap by Culprit LA releasing his song “Don’t Be Rude” as their first track on their Above the City 3 Compilation. It was then that Lorenzo widened his audience and received an offer to do an original song for a new UK label gaining respect known as Dilate Records. For the EP, his track “00.8” was remix by both Jozif and System of Survival and received support from artists such as Droog, Richy Ahmed, Shall Ocin, Lee Foss, and Pillow Talk. Lorenzo’s next release and original song titled “Intimidations” was on the 7 Years of Akbal Music-Part 2 Compilation. Lorenzo was then asked to do a remix of “Can’t Give Back” by Matteo Luis, for a sister label of Get Physical known as Poesie Musik. The label devoted to finding new artists and exposing them through a new platform started following Lorenzo Dada from none other then Jay Haze. On his own label, Lorenzo has also released EPs with remixes from Wareika, No Artificial Colours and Daria (Watergate).

For the past 8 years Lorenzo Dada has been DJing shows in Rome, Italy alongside influences (Ryan Crosson, Prins Thomas, KIKI, Homework, Burnski, Amirali and many others), gaining musical experience and outlook. He has also played in events held around the world including WMC in Miami and Sonar in Barcelona. Since then, he has encompassed all of his talent creating a truly unique Live Set experience. Created using Grand Piano, MicroKorg XL, Ableton Live, Akai, and Novation. Lorenzo’s Live Sets are commonly divided by his passion for classical compositions and deep house. He has showcased his Live as a guest artist at events held at GOA Club in Rome, as well as opening for Marco Carolas DJ Set at Music On in Rome, and before Sven Vath at GOA Ultrabeat. Lorenzo has even had the chance to showcase his Live Set at Pattern Bar located in Los Angeles, Ca.

Lorenzo Dada is the founder of Sonora Records, which he started in 2007 with the idea of releasing high quality music and pushing the boundaries of a genre based label. Sonora translates to “sound” and Lorenzo has always kept the same message clear: “The artists who release on Sonora have their own unique sounds, we are not a label that expects artists to change their style to fit our expectation on what genre the music should be. Instead we allow our artists to create the movement and direction for the label.” Lorenzo has been the Creative force behind Sonora since it started, he is the one who finds new unknown artists and pairs them up with much more experienced artists for collaborations as well as remixes. With 53 releases and many being in digital and vinyl format there is no end to the progression of Sonora Records. A brief selection of artists who have been a part of the label include: Jay Haze, No Artificial Colours, Death On The Balcony, Wareika, Daria (Watergate), Eduardo Castillo, and many more.

Lorenzo Dada is currently working towards releasing EPs with some of the labels he has released on through compilations including Culprit LA, and Akbal Music. He is also working on developing and exposing his Live Set towards a wider audience and being showcased in events around the world as it truly is a remarkable experience.