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Lausanne, Switzerland


Lord Beatport


Dj Lord is, since his early age fascinated by the music world. His tastes are relatively eclectic since he listens equally to Guns N’ Roses and James Brown. It’s only later, that he discovers his passion for Hip-hop and decides to become a Dj. He was first inspired by artists like MC Lite, Tupac, Notorious BIG, EPMD, Gangstar, Eric B & Rakim and SWV.

Thus, in 1998, Lord started animating his first parties at the Rocking Chair in Vevey. Then, He became the resident dj of N-Pro parties and participated also to numerous sets on the most popular Swiss radios such as “Framboise”, “NRJ”, and Couleur 3 in the Downtown Boogie program. He became the resident dj of the TV kolok program broadcasted on Tvrl, Canal 9, Canal, Leman Bleu, Ici tv, Canal Alpha and was invited by the Tevision suisse romande to participate to the tv shows 100% 2000 and Temps present.

He participates also to events such as the NRJ Star For Free (VD), NRJ Spring Break 1 and 2 (LS) and the Lake Parade 2003. He also animated parties for the biggest Swiss clubs in Lausanne, Genve, Gstaad, Fribourg, Berne, Yverdon, Bienne, Bale, Martigny, Payerne, Vevey, Villars, Neuchatel, Montreux, and Zurich. moreover, since 2004, Dj Lord resides at the Mad club in Lausanne and at the Platinium Glam club international in Genave.

Having animated more than 350 parties, DJ Lord imposes himself now as one of the most important figures of the hip-hop movement in Switzerland. His strength resides in his ability to ally the technicality and the musicality.

Lord had from then on, transported his musical vibe to the biggest European night temples, passing by France, Germany, Holland, and Belgium, without loosing touch with his primary objective of starting an international career. these trips led him to collaborate with artists such as the Dj’s Abdel and Cut Killer from Paris, DJ Cutee B, Cream, Crazy B, Dee Nasty, Eanov, Goldfinger, Kost, Poska, Dice (Redman), Kool, Green Giant et Vincz Lee de Radio Couleur 3, Jay-K, Idem, Aystep… Internationals artists such as Das Efx, Redman, Method Man, Missy Elliott, Kelis, Lunatic, 45 Scientific, Mystic, 113 clan, Double Pact, and the Boogie Squad from the Radio Couleur 3.

However, Dj Lord is no longer contended by only animating parties and therefore, in 2001, he created his own event label called "Cream Entertainement ", from which will rise more then 50 parties and events. in 2003, for example was created under his label the first hip-hop / RnB cart of the history of the Lake Parade, around which more than 500,000 people danced…

Finally, We have to note that Dj Lord created 4 mixed cds: " MH 3 ", in 2002, under the label of MH Records ; “for the clubbers 1”, in 2003; "for the clubbers 2 ", in 2004 and soon coming out " for the clubbers 3 ", which will present a surprise excessively creative.