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Lonelyboy (AKA Birdman)

Having lived in New Mexico for the last 14 years it’s safe to say it’s the state that Lonely Boy calls home. He was introduced by a friend to Electronic Music in late 1997, it quickly became a major part of his life changing his views on music forever.

After a few months of grooving on the dance floor he was nicknamed Birdman, referring to an odd style of dance. Not too long after being exposed to these newfound sounds he started to notice the different sub-genres presented at these shows, he eventually recognized the structure of what he now knows to be Drum And Bass, needless to say he was hooked. Between 97’ and 99’ he bought almost every CD filed under Drum And Bass he could find in the small techno section at the local music store.

After 16 months or so of enjoying the electronic community, he decided to take part in creating such events for the enjoyment of all. Along with his brother Jeremy, he co-founded Hip and Trippy Productions in the summer of 99’. Their first event Nocturnal Bliss took place in October of 99’ providing many hours of entertainment to about 400 attendees.

Soon after the premiere event he realized he had a great desire to manipulate the sounds he had come to know and love. After seeing the limitations and price tags of CD decks he decided that even after all of the CDs he had bought that vinyl was the way to go. By spring 2000 he had everything he needed to get started, under the instruction of friends Brad (Murmur) and Tim House he quickly learned the fundamentals of mixing and scratching.

The Roswell Electronic Music Festival marked the first show for Lonely Boy. Shows to follow include Rome, No Penguins, and Strictly Jungle III. Soon it became time for a balance between throwing shows and playing at them, so a monthly event was created dubbed El Bizarre that took place at the Zele Cafe as he also helped with Megachaphe at the Aztec Cafe. But as with most good things the end is never far. After interest in these cafe shows started to fizzle a new opportunity presented itself, Club Zia. Helping promote and perform at Club Zia for nine months was the most fun he has had in the business yet. Having taken some time away from it all working on his family ranch Lonely boy is ready to show his face again.