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Lola’s first exposure to dance music came over the airwaves. Cruising down I-95, she happened upon a Tony Humphries radio broadcast from Club Zanzibar, and her life literally changed. From that day forward, she sought out house and dance music wherever she could find it, from early pop house acts like Black Box to cassette tape compilations of British rave and acid house. A particularly formative teenage experience in an Italian disco further solidified her love for dance music and nightlife culture.

Upon moving to New York City in 1990, she immediately set out to find more. Attending events as diverse as Giant Step, Soul Kitchen, Ray Hands’ Loft, Bang the Party, Konkrete Jungle, and clubs from Sound Factory, ClubUSA, Twilo, Life, and the Palladium to smaller venues like Tilt, Sound Factory Bar, 205 Club, Den of Theives, and Coney Island High, Lola’s musical perspective came to Embody a collision and cohesion between various strains of underground music.

In the early 90s, Lola met her soon-to-be friend and collaborator, Eric “EMan” Clark of Bang the Party fame. She proposed to him an idea for a party, and the two launched Deep See in May 2000. Now in its seventh year, Deep See is one of New York City’s longest-running weekly parties. DJ Spider joined Deep See in early 2007, rounding out the residents to three. In addition to Deep See, Lola is also part of the DJ collective stimulus>response, which holds a residency at NYC’s Pacha superclub. Along with DJs Keith Blackstone and the Urban Relief Project and promoter Silverbull, stimulus>response has been growing a grassroots fanbase by having the honor of being one of few local DJ acts entrusted with playing the main floor of this internationally-known club.

Lola’s style is a jack-inspiring combination of deep, tribal, and funky house, tech-house, Detroit techno, ambient interludes, broken beat, African and Latin percussion, and basically anything that sits left of center and below the radar. Lola has played throughout New York City at venues including Cielo, Pacha, Love, Sol, APT, the Sullivan Room, Sin Sin, Sapphire Bar, Frank’s Lounge (Brooklyn), Halcyon (Brooklyn), and others, and in N. America in Montral, Canada, New Haven, CT, Miami, FL, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA, East Hampton, NY, and Washington, D.C. Lola has been featured in the press in Time Out New York,, AM New York, and