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Lola Monroe

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2011 BET Best Female Hip Hop Award Nominee

Creator of thee Bosset Movement!!

“More than meets the eye”, “Diamond in the rough” are all understatements when mentioning Lola Monroe. Born Fershgenet Melaku, Fershgenet meaning “Fruit of Heaven”; Melaku meaning "Angel’. Lola Monroe formerly known as “Angel Lola Luv” born in Ethiopia, raised in Washington D.C.’s Garfield Terrace. No stranger to struggle Lola has been grinding to provide for herself since the age of 15. At the …age of 12, Lola began writing poems and songs, using music as an escape and a form of expression. In 2006 she met photographer Mike Styles and her current manager Michelle Vieyra. She took the rap industry by storm as a model. Also made her acting debut in the Wendy Wiliams biopic “Queen of Media” and later acted in “Crazy like a Fox”.

In 2007, Lola Monroe retired officially from modeling and took her true place as a Female Hip Hop Artist/Emcee/Entertainer/Lyricist. The “Monroe” is directly related to the late iconic Marilyn Monroe, which Lola herself inspires to be like. Due to the fact that the two share a similar story, being discovered in fashion and using modeling to further their entry into the Entertainment industry. The name Lola Monroe defines who she is and always has been, her personality and true character.