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Calgary, Canada

Hard Dance, Progressive House

Lok! Beatport


Since late 2005, Lok! has been stalking up the ranks of the Canadian hard dance world. Inspired by the likes of the Organ Donars, James Lawson and Dark By Design, Lok!‘s instant grasp for the fundamentals of mixing, has landed him spots opening for Awesome By Association and Rodi Style, in the first 6 months of his career. As one half of the Decible Brothers (with soulhome/chills resident and mentor “soulfix”) Lok! has had the opportunity to be booked in front of Lady Bass, Ken Finch, and even Phil York, and with future international bookings including a return stop in Cuba, Chris Dyck, as he is known to his family, is definitely a cant miss act with energizing stage presence and an off the wall “in-your-face” attitude! His first creative measure was a co-production with soulfix, called Brainwaves, which was picked up almost immediately by Hightide records (UK) and features remixes by some of the world’s hottest names in hard dance. Even while his career is still growing, all you have to do is assess the damage on the dancefloor when this kid steps on, to realize, this is a future star on the rise with potential to burn, and a collection of tunes already making the local veteran’s cringe. Lok!, the soul home padewan, and youngest decibel brother,is guaranteed to rock your party, time and time again. Teamed with soulfix, any decibel brothers set is guaranteed to be, a cover your head, buckle your seat belt, get the f**k up off your ass and go experience. db It exists.