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For the ones who loves real dance music, real CLASSICS…. DJ LODY is the most known DJ in this area. All exciting and known dance music out of the seventies, eighties and nineties are in his repertoire. That is as it is supposed to be: exciting, swinging, known and recalling that dance feeling. Only then you can call it a CLASSIC.

He gladly grabs to old times without falling into clichés. Having grown up in de seventies himself, he knows what dance and swing means. He possesses a huge collection of original records on vinyl and the modern compact disc. He prefers music which is recognizable, that immediately gives a good feeling. Vocal, good arrangements, a good mix… music – as he recalls – with ‘head and toes’. Momentum, excitement and a happy feeling that is the foundation of his music, musical choice and performances.

Contact with the audience is essential; they have to enjoy themselves in the atmosphere the DJ creates. No distance between him and the people on the dancefloor, not overdone techniques and mixing without any contact with the people. He wants to feel just as nice as everybody else and without that connection there will not be a ‘groove’: that party feeling where everything is possible.

No deadly long series of beats, but a hopping from melody to melody, rhythm to rhythm, song to song. Time again new excitement, again new recognizing of the song en thrill. That is what DJ LODY is aiming for.