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I was attracted and fascinated by the nature of sound from the very beginning of my childhood. At the age of 15 after an altering life experience for my time, toghether with 3 of my friends, we formed what was to be a hip hop band. Everything started from pure attraction of curiousity and had led me to professionalism and after only 1 year of existence the band had made major progress, from PC recordings to a professional recording studio.

After a while I was beginning to be more and more attracted to the technical part.

In 2003, I renounced the vocal part but was involving in the instrumental and was more and more attracted to electronic music.

In 2004 I left the band and fully got involved in the electronic dance music industry.

From 2005 to 2006 I had my brand of parties known as bucharest5pm (bucharest5pm.ro) … and after many small events I organised a dj contest. The contest consisted in 4 diffrent nights in which would compete dj’s on 4 different electronic styles.

In a national premiere the brand organised a series of parties in which a newbie dj challanged in battle a well known name in the romanian djing industry.

At the end of the summer 2006, the brand was shut down in consequence me leaving the country …

In that same time, toghether with my teacher and mentor, pittfall, I studied both the technical and artistical sides of djing.

After gathering a good deal of knowledge and improved sound technique, I am ready to begin making a name for myself in the grand international dj industry.