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Lo Iq

West Palm Beach, United States


AKA: Lo Iq?

Breakz R Boss Records, Zone Records
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Since the conception of the “Lo IQ?” project in 2010, it’s been destined for great things. Lo IQ? has an unique style of producing and DJing, which can be best described as big room Breakbeats. In 2010 Lo IQ? came storming out of the gates with original releases and remixes on labels such as DJ Icey’s world renown Zone Records and famed UK Label Ground Level Records, which all have reached top tier positions on the top 100 Beatport chart.In early June 2013 Lo IQ? was named #15 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart, Reinforcing that Lo IQ?‘s sound is headed in the right direction. Recently in July 2013 Lo IQ?’s velocity shows no sign of slowing down and had a big month, first releasing a track on Breakz R Boss “Around The World” which rocketed to #2 on the charts only to be followed by 2 other releases to also reach the top ten that month, one being another original “Gettin’ Right To It” on Zone Records.

In these few short years Lo IQ? has toured and performed in cities nationwide like Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Seattle, Boston, Portland, Orlando, St. Louis, Tampa, Houston, Jacksonville, San Francisco, West Palm Beach, and Cave-In-Rock Southern Illinois to name a few. Although Lo IQ? has kept a busy schedule rocking clubs and nationwide festivals, he is consistently in the studio producing many new future releases and remixes for labels such as Zone, System Static Records, Breakz R Boss, and Clever Fool Recordings. Lo IQ?’s tracks including his remixes of CJ Bolland’s “Sugar is Sweeter” and Daft Punk’s “Doin It Right” has received major support from the Breaks community and you’re sure to hear them at any EDM events/festivals worldwide.

Upcoming Events

Oct 4th Skyy Lounge – Greenville, SC

Oct 5th Oasis – Charleston, SC

Oct 10th Secret Show

Oct 11th TBA – Charlotte, NC

Oct 12th Volume Lounge – Raleigh, NC

Oct 26th Moonfest – West Palm Beach, FL


March 23rd Clever Fool WMC Event – Miami, FL

April 6th Club Cinema – Pompano, FL

May 4th Level III – Tampa, FL

June 1st Vixen, Orlando

June 8th Los Angeles, CA

June 9th Broken Grooves – Seattle, WA

June 21st Club Cinema – Pompano, FL

June 22nd Volume Lounge – Charlotte, NC

July 3rd Prive Lounge – West Palm Beach, FL

July 26th Suite B. (NLP) – Orlando, FL

August 2nd AfterLife- New Haven, CT

August 4th The Drop – Boston, MA

August 16th Prive Lounge – West Palm Beach, FL

Oct 4th Skyy Lounge – Greenville, SC

Oct 5th Oasis – Charleston, SC

Oct 10th Secret Show

Oct 11th TBA – Charlotte, NC

Oct 12th Volume Lounge – Raleigh, NC

Oct 26th Moonfest – West Palm Beach, FL


Dec 15th – Vixen – Orlando, FL

Dec 21st – Bassdrop – Atlanta, GA

Dec 31st – Charlotte’s- Tampa, FL


Feb 12th – Breaks [email protected]

March 11th – Truskool [email protected], Miami

March 12th – Pool [email protected], Miami

March 22 – Massive Miami Nikki Beach, March 26th - Sunrise Festival, Miami March 26th - Mekkanism w/ Tom Sawyer, March 27 - Festival After Party @Mekka, April 16th The Complex, St. Louis April 23rd Spring Fling, San Fransisco May 2nd Respectables WPB May 8-11 Bartenders Bash, Islamorada May 24 Respectables WPB May 29th Lake Bash, Hollywood , FL June 4th Influx The Ghost Bar

June 10th Wonderland 3Dm Miami FL

June 11th House Haven. St Petersburg FL

June 25th Gemini, Ft. Myers FL

July 2nd Marseilles Hotel, Miami

July 3rd Club 662, St Petersburg, FL

July 9th Masquerade, Atlanta, Georgia

July 16th Maine

July 21-24th [email protected], Illinois

July 30th – Sunset Music Festival, Miami

Aug 13th Suite B, Orlando

Aug 19th SOS , MIami

Sept 1st Ache, Miami

Sept 3rd Breaks-Fest, Orlando (Night)

Sept 4th Vixen, Orlando

Oct 1st Praia Urbana , Houston TX

Oct 15 Suite B. , Orlando

Nov 12 Autumn Music Festival 2011


Jul 30 W/ Johnny D @ Respectables- WPB,

Jul 31 Sunset Music Festival- Miami, FL

Aug 2 W/ Corey Andrew @ House Haven WPB, FL

Aug 7 X-Fest- Modesto, CA

Aug 12 W/ Bad Boy Bill @ Ultra Lounge- Naples, FL

Aug 14 Underground Sound Festival- Salem, MO

Aug 27 Diaga & Freinds @ Mova Miami, FL

Aug 29 Pool Party @ Exit 66 Ft Lauderdale,

Sept 18 2010 Praia Fest- Houston, TX

Sept 25 AMF Auditions @ Drop Shop- Orlando FL

Sept 25 Suite B (Record Release Party)- Orlando FL

Oct 14 Hacienda Grand Opening

Oct 16 Club Cinema w/ Infected Mushroom

Oct 30 Moonfest @ Clematis street WPB,FL

Nov 9 Hacienda @ Monarchy – WPB Fl

Nov 11 Slide – San Franciso , CA

Nov 12 Aqua Lounge – Modesto, CA

Nov 13 Dirty – San Francisco, CA

Nov 16 Hacienda @ Monarchy – WPB, FL

Nov 20 Autumn Music Festival 2010 Miami

Nov 22 Monday Morning @ Mekka w/ Tom Sawyer

Nov 23 Hacienda @ Monarchy – WPB, FL

Nov 27 SOS – Miami, FL

Dec 28 Hacienda @ Monarchy – WPB, FL