Bio LJ MTX Aliases: The Octopus | Robot Hipsters | Teize Sounds like: Electro | Funky House Labels: Metronix | InStereo | PlasmaPool Music Videos: Up F*ck The Shut... read more
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Aliases: The Octopus | Robot Hipsters | Teize

Sounds like: Electro | Funky House

Labels: Metronix | InStereo | PlasmaPool

Music Videos: Up F*ck The Shut



It is not a sleeping pill. It is not some magic medicine that will make you hung like a porn star. It will not increase the size of your breasts, and it certainly will not get rid of that rash from the night you partied with Tiger Woods. MTX is a feeling; it is a way of life. An MTX Addict is someone who will grab life by the short hairs and say “I don’t give a f***!”

LJ MTX landed in the Electronic Dance Music scene in late 2007 and made an immediate impact felt within the nether regions of many people across the world. Shortly after debuting on the world’s leading Electronic Dance Music store in January 2008 his third release catapulted its way into Beatport’s Top 100 Electro Chart. When “Saddle Up” reached its peak at #43, his collaboration with Mike Cortez and Poldee (Poland) on “Behind the Decks (feat. LJ MTX)” held its own just below it in the Top 50! Both tracks are in regular rotation on DI.FM (XM/Sirius Satellite Radio).

Since 2007, he has held residencies at Washington, DC’s Premier venues earning the opportunities to open for many of the top DJs in the world and headlined every top club venue in the Nation’s Capital. He has also toured the country playing noteworthy events including the 2009 South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX, and WMC 2009 in Miami. LJ MTX is known for his his uncanny ability to convert people who have never been fond of Electronic Dance Music. The true MTXperience is in the live show where the crowd becomes an even bigger part of the performance than the music. His track selections (which include much of his own production, mash-ups and unreleased music), remarkable stage presence create an experience that is nothing short of spectacular. He well known for his wacky neon wardrobe comprised of shirts, bandanna’s, wrist bands, and shutter shades; all of which debuted in his Hi-Def Music Video for his Jamvana.com #1 hit, “Up F*ck The Shut.”

With about 80% of his 50+ releases reaching the Top 100 on the world’s leading dance music stores LJ has been receiving attention from major labels including Ultra Records and Moist Music. In addition to many things that are expected to occur in 2010 you can expect to see LJ and his new vocalist Connie Lingus working with House Legend “DJ Dan”.

Adjectives frequently used to describe his music:

Sexy | Dirty | Naughty

Quotes from press/media:

  • “LJ MTX is pretty much the biggest thing going on in DC right now” – Give Productions, VA
  • “One of the more underrated producers in the USA.” – Symblog.com

Recent artist support:

  • Carl Cox, DJ Dan, Hatiras, Miles Dyson, Lazy Rich, Mike Balance, Hot Mouth, Dave Dresden, Noel Sanger, Breakfast, DI.FM, XM/Sirius Radio, and more.

Quotes from high-profile artists:

  • “The LJ MTX & Ciconte remix is great, I am loving the flimatic sounds, this really sticks out!” – Carl Cox
  • “Wicked! Your production is really clean. The transitions and build ups are perfect for getting the dance floor moving!” – Hatiras [Regarding Sir Chen for the Funk and Nice N Wet ft. Connie Lingus]
  • “This is great! I’ve been really wanting to get back to producing stuff like this. I love it!”

    – DJ Dan

  • “Watch out MC Flipside, LJ is no joke!” – DJ Dan and Mike Balance
  • “You are doing stuff that no other up and comer is doing. Keep up the good work and you will blow up soon enough!” – Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden)

Quotes from fans:

  • “Nice N Wet makes me want to go into a dark corner with someone and do bad things.”
  • “We Like It….O – M – F – G….this made me want to turn it up and turn it out!! If I wasn’t at work I would have cranked this as high as possible and ripped my shirt off. Stellar!!”
  • “Your music makes me want to take my clothes off.”
  • “Up F*ck The Shut has become DC’s equivalent to Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’.”
  • “I can’t get your songs out of my head!”


Lj Mtx