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Liz Cirelli

London, United Kingdom


klangwelt, LouLou Records, Mirabilis Records
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Liz Cirelli is a dedicated & gifted composer, musician, music producer & DJ.

Having spent 16 years as a dancer, she formed a strong connection between music, flow, dance and the body from a very young age. Liz first became aware of dance and electronic music in her late teens and it fast became an addiction, developing into a life-long devotion to the genre.

As well as dancing, Liz has been a singer and played piano and flute since childhood. She furthered her studies in music at the University of Westminster and during this time she began composing classical scores of music. As a multi dimensional music maker with an innate understanding of her subject, classical composition comes naturally to Liz.

During her early twenties and career as a singer-songwriter, Liz challenged herself by exploring the technical aspect of music making – and so began her journey into electronic music production – and DJing. From full orchestral pieces to minimal electronic soundscapes, Liz has proven herself capable across diverse genres of music. Her DJ sets are distinctly unique, meticulously musical – and have consistently filled dance floors across the globe.

Liz’s first solo release Ultra Violet on Loulou Records achieved top 40 success. As a result she is now blessed with support from many of the industry’s leading names such as Martin Eyerer, Stephan Hinz, Dubfire, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Benoit & Henry Saiz. Other dance music releases have made top 20 in the dance music charts.

During 2009 Liz began working on a violin-infused dance music project with the hugely talented violinist, Minski Revolver. Experimenting with a fusion of classical and electronic music, they produce a variety of innovative and captivating tracks. After 4 EP releases their reputations as ground-breaking music-makers are steadily growing. They are currently working on a variety of new tracks, and are planning the launch of their live act.

Liz’s commercial career has seen her compose numerous short film scores, documentary and advertising scores. Her list of past clients include major international brands such as Nokia, Julian Schnabel, Rivet Global Marketing UK, Sky TV, L’Oreal, Redken, Diesel, Berlotti Shoes, The Dutch National Rail, Forsblum Art Gallery (Helsinki) & You Know Creative Solutions Ltd. Thanks to her varied and in-depth musical training, she is skilled in creating original pieces from scratch as well as remixing existing works to suit a client. She is also highly experienced in producing to a specific brief.

In 2012 Liz travelled through India, playing various DJ sets in major Indian cities along the way. It was during this trip that she began to get a new perspective on music as pure expression of the heart and the essence of herself. Inspired by this trip she released the EP ‘I Pray’ on her return.

Her passion for music has lead her, along with a team of incredibly talented creatives, to launch Hummingbird – a multi-sensory clubbing experience. Hummingbird is an extra ordinary clubbing experience that will involve getting high on super food liquid elixirs, raw cacao, and other naturally intoxicating fare – the best the plant kingdom to has to offer. Combined with the natural endorphins engendered by the most exquisitely inspired music you will ever hear – and visual stimulus that will captivate your imagination – they will create a vibrational space that will elevate you to a higher state of consciousness. Exciting times!