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Tijuana, Mexico

Progressive House, Techno

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Livier rised in Tijuana, Mexico, has always been fascinated by musical instruments and music since she can remember. She grew up surrounded by the sounds of classical music. With a passion rooted in childhood, Livier took her first steps into music when she was admitted to piano lessons in the prestigious Conservatory of Music of Baja California Orchestra, some years after she manage to enter in a reggae band where she played keyboards, and professionalizing her learning at the conservatory.

Throughout and after that, Livier would always be around music, but it was until 2006 that she had her first contact with underground electronica at a local underground event and her life made a dramatic change when she fell in love with what she heard that night.

With her ever increasing passion for music throughout the years and her now solid musical background and education Livier has now entered the world of spinning underground electronic music, focusing her efforts in Techno and Tech-House while also incorporating elements of House, Progressive House and other electronic sub-genres in her sets.

Now, in her role as a DJ and host of the TechnoColor radio show, Livier, in less than two years has become one of the most prominent and promising of the new generation DJs of Techno and Techhouse in Baja California, Mexico, with a unique and defined style, making each of her sets, a different experience. This has led her to receive invitations to play at the top of the region and in some places in Los Angeles, California.

Today, Livier works as the host of ‘TechnoColor’, one of the most outstanding programs in Mexico for its rich content and deep heavy beats with a dark touch, all representative of its host, TechnoColor occasionally features exclusive mixes and interviews with international guests; some of the past guests who has been featured: Loco & Jam (Ireland), Erphun (USA), Psycatron (Ireland), Coyu (Spain), Paul Thomas (UK), Citizen Kain (France), Marcelo Vasami (Argentina), Mikael Stavostrand (Sweden), just to name a few.

Livier knows no boundaries or limits! she is currently focusing on her new role as producer. Livier is creating sounds with a global influence and a different ideology, while looking at new horizons.