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DJ Lithium is well known world wide through his broadcasts and mixes online.

Owner and operator of Black Tiger Recordings, he has successfully transitioned from “netdj” to become on of the top dance record executive producers in Canada with 4 chart topping releases on Black Tiger Recordings producing San Mehat’s “Exhale” and the remix from Jon Cates, Incolumis (Finland) and his twin dark trance floor destroyers, “At the Gates” and “North Stone” and DJ Virgen’s “FM”, “Eyes of Innocence”. In addition to the releases DJ Lithium and Black Tiger Recordings have pressed up tracks from e:Mortal, D-Wave, trance[]control, Krivi, Mario Lux, DJ Alici/Steve Morley, Jessica B and Dejan Subotin. All of which have turned heads in the UK|USA and the rest of the planet without a hint of selling out…

As a DJ, DJ Lithium is vinyl only! No CDs, no computers, just vinyl and his performances focus on the music and the format that made dance music great. With fans world wide, having played in the UK, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Finland, USA, Mexico and Canada with gigs from Montreal to Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and back over the years DJ Lithium continues on into 2012. Pushing back the noise of digital djs and commercial dance tracks with new mixes and vinyl on