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Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic


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Being the universal language, music does a spectacular job speaking on behalf of everyone who’s entranced by its melodies. And every now and then comes a messenger delivering the best that music has to offer, adding a bit of their personal touch to it. This is where Lith K steps in, a messenger of music and a believer in a person’s exceptional touch.

Raised in an environment where he was surrounded by musical influence, his goal was clear, set and he aimed to achieve it at a very young age. Delivering the music was only the beginning though, as producing it was another goal he ran after and managed to complete effectively. With his infamous set “The Assassination of Trance”, him being hosted on multiple international radio shows as a guest DJ, being ranked the number one DJ in Syria and having hosted numerous events all over countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and others.

Lith has become well-known and greatly appreciated for his exceptional deliverance and incomparable sense of music.

Great accomplishments have been made by him in support of his uprising career, one of which is mixing world-wide known tracks belonging to DJs such as Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren and Cosmic Gate.

A DJ who takes pride in the feeling his production gives to people. And one who has ambitions and aspirations of going international, sharing his music on a wider more spacious scale, hoping he would do the job he was meant to do and excelling at it, being a world-wide messenger of music.