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Lisa Unique has had a phenomenal career to date spanning over nearly a decade, beginning her career as a House Dj, it all started opening nights for the likes of Fantazia back in 1997, at the time not knowing the popularity and impact she would have on the music scene. Lisa has always had a musical ear from an early age, her ability to read music coupled with her heightened sense of timing and beat matching has now meant she is widely recognised as one of club lands top flight djs. Lisa?s Dj?ing soon progressed into the UK Garage scene and it was then when her career really took off, taking her to a host of venues around the globe playing some breathtaking performances in Russia, Beirut, Dubai, Shanghai, India and America, not forgetting a huge presence in the UK and Europe. Lisa Unique has definitely stamped her mark on the music industry and cemented her position as one of the leading djs in the UK.

Lisa Unique was never going to be just a dj, in the initial stages of her career she soon advanced into producing her own tracks and remixes. Lisa also went on to form the first ever all girl garage group ? LONDON?S MOST WANTED. Her natural talent, guts and determination brought her many successes over the years, starting with the boundary-breaking house driven garage track ?UNIQUE?, put out on Sony?s INCredible label. This track gained much recognition from the likes of Seb Fontaine, Tall Paul and Jeremy Healey. The track ?UNIQUE? was hugely received by garage and house fans across the UK, USA and Japan. Lisa Unique also gained massive acclaim for her remix of Aaliyah?s ?Try Again?, this was one of Virgin?s top remixes for several weeks and gained five star ratings in many music publications ( Update, Mixmag, DJ and Muzik ). Lisa Unique also released several bootlegs and other tracks with a host of top name artists which gained large recognition in the music industry.

Lisa Unique continues to stay at the forefront of the music scene, over the last couple of years Lisa has gone back to her musical roots and developed her own style of house music, which has already caused quite a stir in the industry. After completing an extensive national tour with NIKE to promote their Women?s campaign in 2004, this gave her the platform to re-launch herself, since then its been business as usual playing for a host of clubs and promoters up and down the UK and around the globe.

From staying at the forefront of the music scene and having gained much knowledge within the industry Lisa is a much respected contributor to the Hype Chart (dj magazine), M8, Mixmag, Update and Music Week charting some of the world?s top dance tunes. This has given Lisa the invaluable access to allow her to stay ahead of the scene. Lisa has also taken on the new role at M Style magazine doing quarterly music reviews, the magazine covers the Midlands and North of England the first issue is due to be released in August/September 2006.

Lisa?s diary is looking good for 2006 and the support and demand is growing rapidly, from playing residency once a month at Coco Loco in Milton Keynes and jetting around the globe, from Hong Kong ? Shanghai, Dubai, Greece, Croatia and Russia to being back in the studio making new tracks with an undiscovered talent ? Si Tech ( watch this space ). Lisa Unique will also be working closely with the promoters Fantazia who are launching numerous events throughout 2006. For the second year running Lisa and her collaboration the Urban Deck Divas will be headlining the PFA awards after party at Paper ( London ) for Wright Wright Wright promotions. Lisa could not be happier at the moment after years of hard work she has gained the respect and popularity she deserves, Lisa Unique is undoubtably going to be a face of the future.