Lipe Lourenzo Beatport


Born in São Paulo on December 24, 1981 Lourenzo Felipe began his musical studies at eight years old at Santa Marcelina College where he studied classical guitar, harmony and principles of composition and the 14-year-old was studying at IGT which was formed in started teaching guitar at 16 years. He played in many bands including Kiri, Sacred Sun, Katsbarnea and settling of accounts which recorded the CD (the city shot) record for the New Life and to age 20 was already considered one of the renowned guitarist but the second city of São Paulo the magazine Guitar Player. Went to where the band recorded the singles Ocular Dry Tears, Nine Plagueis and Fire. Signed a contract with the guitars with the pedal Erton Malagoli with Rama and the 22 guitars began to play with Dj David Morrow learned where to produce electronic music and disco doing Live PA with guitars and electronic music. At 24 years of age entered the electro band Mono Project which recorded two singles for the Trama Virtual. Lived in New York where he gave classes in Brazilian popular music in Curitiba where he played major clubs in the city for 26 years returned to live in Sao Paulo and came to the casting of Fire Beats Records label which recorded the singles Walking in the Light (March 2008), I Need You Please December (2008) Miracles (February 2009) and currently lives in Brasilia where he works on his next cd.