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DJ Lion is among those people, who always aim at perfection in their music. It’s not a surprise for anybody, that no matter on what he works – his own production, remixes or DJ sets – his sake of music gives him the strength to perfect himself more and more.

Milich Jivorad was born in 1980. His hometown Pirot is a place, remote from the origins of the clubbing culture in former Yugoslavia. The very first contact with the music for Milich is still in the childhood, when he started to play the piano. At the age of 16-yearsold he set up house parties and soon he conquers the hearts of his friends, despite the electronic sound is barely known in his homeland. His first engagement is like resident at club ‘By Italy’ in Pirot, where he works till the time he finished highschool.

After he graduated school, Lion moves to Nish, where he continues his study. Investing most of his savings in equipment, Milich doesn’t give up his beloved work as a dj, and soon he wins a residency in the hottest clubs in Nish – “SCENA”, “OPERA”, “GALLERY”, “ONE PLACE”, " IRISH PUB",“ECLIPS”, “SORABI”, NIGHT CLUB “CHAIR”.

The first big break for Lion comes with the work in the most popular clubs in the famous mountain resort Kapaonik – ‘Bistro’ “FAST FOOD”, “DOLLI BEL” – “Escape”. With his tender age of 21 years Lion is already a DJ star. His name appears frequently on flayers in Serbia, he mixes in the clubs “BASSMENT”, “CAVE”, “BUS”, “MONDO”, “ANDERGRAUND”, where he’s resident at this moment, ‘SOUND’, ‘BIZZARE’ in Belgrade, meanwhile he works as a DJ on board ferries, going downstream of Danube and Sava. He is invited to mix in Novi Sad, Subotica, Leskovac, Pojarevac, Kosovska Mitrovica, Negotin, Zrenjanin, Krajevo, Kragujevac, Bor, Vranje and Pirot.

During one of his sojourns at the Adriatic Sea coast, Lion meets the best DJ in Montenegro – Ljubo Chikich and collaborates with him. Soon DJ Lion becomes a resident in the biggest summer festival in Montenegro “BOKESKA NOC”. He is introduced to the singer “MC NIGGOR” ex “MONTENIGERS” from Montenegro and they both founded their own band. Lion participates in two of Niggor’s videos and his popularity grows. Lion is invited to work at Fashion Week Belgrade 2005, where he makes music for two fashion-shows – of Bata Spasoevich and Borjana Ilich. He has worked with stars like Timo Maas, Satoshi Tomiie, Gregory, Chab, Marshall Jefferson, J.D. Davis, Jon Silva, Pat Cue, Coco Silco, Tony Thomas, Paul Jackson, Lottie, Jose De Divina, Haris, Robert G Roy.

Recognition for his exceptional talent are invitations to take part in promotions of JUEGGERMEISTER, CAMEL WINTER TOUR ‘05, as well as in promotional parties for TUBORG – ‘LOUD and CLEAR’ in 2005/06. Lion is selected to be the brand DJ in Serbia for the brewery. Milich is a promotional DJ in Serbia of the biggest music festival in the balkans EXIT FEST in Novi Sad.

After numerous visits to Bulgaria DJ Lion got acquainted with the manager of Relaxaor’s Booking Jovan Gligorov thanks to him once a month he’s behind the tables at the clubs Chervilo, Life House, Opera, Babbles, INFERNO, PLANET HOLLYWOOD, NL in Sofia, he has a residency at club ‘Plazma’ in Plovdiv, and in the summer he works at the hottest party places at the Black Sea coast: “MANIA”, “CACAO BEACH” and “ELEPHANT” in Sunny Beach, “ALIBI” and “EXESS ex SHOCK” – Bourgas, club “COMICS” – Varna and “MASAI” – Golden Sands. In the winter Milich often visits the famous Bulgarian ski resort Bansko as a guest DJ at club “AMNESIA”.

Thanks to his successful sets at the biggest clubs in Bulgaria, Lion receives an invitation to mix a special compilation for the Bulgaria telecommunications company ‘GLOBUL’, named ‘B-Connect Beat’. He also appears as a brand face in the video ‘Rhythm 35’, which is promoting the CD compilation.

Meanwhile Lion entered LNP PRODUCTION and the electronic formation FULLBITE SESSION. The organization has released an album for the most powerful label in Serbia “BK SOUND”, and the biggest hit from the CD – “MORNING AFTER” – is released as a single for the German label “SWEET-N-LOW” for the first compilation “CUET 001”, introduced at MIAMI WINTER CONFERENCE 2005. Two videos have been shot to two of the CD tracks, and the German music channel ‘VIVA’ has broadcast one of them. Later FULLBITE SESSION established their own label “FULLBITE RECORDS”, which released its first vinyl "CHERVILO E.P.” in 2005.