since the age of 16 linz has been supplying music to move the masses. playing almost every genre, she is ?in no doubt- ready to make anyone dance. a drum and bass and breaks specialist at heart, linz loves any opportunity to rock various styles of house and hip-hop as well as chill out with down-tempo ambience. so, whatever your flavor, she has the skill to make her way thru the styles while you move toward the floor. she creates a tasty plate of flawless mixing, cutting, scratching, and an explosive stage presence. having rocked venues throughout eastern us with headlining events, concerts, festivals, and residencies; linz knows what is needed to entertain. she has played events with dj’s such as icey, ak1200, jackal and hyde, george acosta, jen lasher, baby anne, kimbal collins, monk, doc roc, breakfastaz, diesel boy, dara, djb, aaron sigmon, devine and emily play, dj x, factor e, trixie, mike b, mea, viro, tony faline, huda hudia, odi, dj db, scott henry, general midi, portia surreal, and many many more. being one of the leading promoters in south carolina for a number of years as the mother of infectious entertainment (ie) she created a family of skilled djs/producers and a full calendar of edm events. linz has taken residency in Brooklyn, ny, majors in music electronic technology at queensborough college, and concentrates on music production.

affiliation: roc-it/infectious ent./hipbone clothing