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lime ‘n’ dale are Marc Lime and Glen Dale, ambitious young musicians and producers.

Marc attended music school at the age of five training his musical skills from a very early age. His initiation into dance and club music took place at the age of 15 when he first began his career as a DJ in several clubs. As all the new DJ?s he built his reputation step by step, starting at small gigs and eventually moving on to larger ones culminating with presence at the “Love Parade” (1 million people) in Berlin and several big room clubs and larger venues. In 2003 Marc was the runner-up in a huge DJ-competition with about 1000 contestants which was broadcast and judged by MTV and VIVA. His main role is the creative part of the project beeing responsible for doing songwriting, composing and DJing.

Glen took classical piano lessons for ten years up to the age of 16, when he suddenly swaped the piano to use computer and synthesizers to create new music. He started a synthy-pop band which was highly influenced by the music genre of the Pet Shop Boys – these still remain his role model and reason why he entered the electronic genre. Since then he built up his own studio and grew into synthesizers where he learned to love the knobs and filters and totally put aside his classical education to evolve in the wide open field that electronic music is today.

In 2002 Marc and Glen accidentally met in a club while DJing and soon became production partners as a result of a long conversation at the venue about possibilities of joint studio work..

In 2003 they teamed up under the synonym “Electronic Wizard” but soon changed it to lime ‘n’ dale. Remixing smaller acts like “Tristraum – Shiver” resulted in placement on the dance and club charts top spot on for several weeks.

In 2004 a side-project named “MoonStone” was born and resulted in the release of “Hidden Bay” which is still being played by online channels such as and Besides their own productions and side-project lime ‘n’ dale have already produced a bunch of remixes for labels such as Anjunabeats, ID & T, Ministry of Sound, Tracid Traxxx, Universal and Vandit! Their list of remixes includes acts like Oceanlab, Scott Bond vs. Solar Stone, Kan Cold (Hennes and Cold), Rosenstolz, X-Perience, York and many others.

In 2005 lime ‘n’ dale got signed to swiss label Offshore Music (EMI) where they also act under the guise of Energy Inc (brief for Energy Incoming).

Marc & Glen are currently recording their first studio album, working together with several singers creating catchy vocal and instrumental tracks. The album will be a mélange of Synthie-Trance-Pop and is scheduled for spring 2008. To be continued…