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Lim Leem

Greensboro, United States

House, Progressive House

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DJ, producer, recording artist, label manager, 24 years old… It’s Lim Leem

Music Lover better known as Khalim Futrell or “Lim” started producing at the age of 13 in pursuit of his early dream as a Hip-Hop recording artist. In a short matter of time, Lim was able to reproduce/remix all of his favorite Hip-Hop songs and quickly gained popularity as a musician.

For the last couple of years, Lim Leem has been recognized for his Trance-Like Hip Hop sound where he would sample classic and modern trance music to mix with hip-hop and 808 bass. After studying at UNCG, he realized he had been allowing his production to remain in the shadows. He started teaching himself how to DJ and began to experiment with Progressive Music and quickly gained confidence in his success as an Electronic DJ/Producer. With the music industry constantly changing, Lim Leem, plans to break his way into the top with his unique sound and ear for music.