Top 25k on The DJ List


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Electro House


Born Manoj in Sri Lanka , LilMJ’s aim from the start was ‘to share his music with others’. By first gaining experience with his residency in Colombo club in 95’. The Spock all while perfecting his performing skills in the club at the start of 1999, he was always searching for the next best set to play. In 2001 moved to P.R. China. It was in 2002 that LilMJ turned his DJ skills learning how to mix RNB, HIP HOP music. By 2003 it all came true became one of the best R’N’B, HIP HOP DJ in Wuhan (P.R. China). With his turntable background and knowledge in HIP HOP and R’N’B has been known to leave the crowd in awe and utter amazement. This was not yet his peak though. In 2005 LILMJ envisioned performing a set, but not in just a club – a stadium. For the first time in his music history He played live in front of over 20,000 people during the Christmas Eve ‘DJ LILMJ In Concert’ in Jinzhou. He is currently one of the resident “House,Vocal,Electro,R’N’B,HIP HOP,and REGGAETON,Club Music” DJ in Wuhan-China hottest new clubs "1882 CLUB,Grammy International Club(GI),DF CLUB & VOX, Having pretty much every Dance music there is, LIL MJ’s aim is, as he says just to keep on improving and produce an Album. LILMJ will be looked upon as one of the greatest DJ’s to go behind a set of turntables.