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Lill Unseen

Montreal, Canada

Electro House, Techno

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Originally from the French Alps, and settling in Québec at the beginning of the 90’s, it was at the young age of 10 that Lill Unseen discovered a musical instrument that keeps time and has its own personality: the drums.

It was behind this instrument that she made her first sounds, developed her rock ‘n roll technique, and played concerts that put her squarely in the public eye. Her musical curiosity and thirst for experience not yet satisfied, she turned to electronic music after eight years at the cymbals.

It was her first outing in Montréal’s famous nightlife that piqued her interest in electronic music – especially the art of the DJ. At that moment, she found a passion where every sound envelops the senses; a passion that would grow into a career.

Completely self-taught, it was through curiosity and perseverance that she began to unravel the mysteries of the turntable. Today, Lill Unseen explores many styles of electronic music in the current of today’s trends, forging a sound that is varied yet precise. She specializes particularly in electro and minimal, where she finds the sounds of her own personality. With bass that makes the crowd shiver, and synth that has them begging for more, a set by Lill Unseen seems to target each person on the dance floor.

By infusing her performances with her own personality, Lill Unseen knows how to give her sound and style a tangible form. Beyond simply spinning the decks, she often incorporates her own sound recordings into her pieces, making each set completely unique.

For her, electronic music is a science. At the same time, it is constant search for new sounds that express her personality and artistic intent. Her productions always keep the spirit of the DJ’s art, with her own twist. Her mixes prove who she is behind the turntables.